wKen dug deep

wKen dug deep and flowed $20 justlikethat to the busblog.

little did he know, but he inadvertantly turned on The Incredible Post-Modern Punk Rock Lyric Machine

look out!

“butterface bonanza”

i got somethin

to say to you

i bet you

wont believe it’s true

i know theres something

inside of you


like nothin else

in this big big love

im not waitin

a hundred years

im running out

to get some beers

when i come back

if youre still here

better lost those

old school fears

theres a bullet train


its almost here.

i hate all

your stupid friends

i hope they die

in accidents

i hate your cat

and your rat

and all that

keep you from me

cant you see

im the man

what part of


dont you understand

i want to be

your punk rock king

i wanna steal you

a diamond ring

and theres a nuclear disaster

thats right on time.

rock of gibraltar

rock of gibraltar

rock of gibraltar


who’ll be the next to tempt fate and throw $20 at the problem?

moxie sure did have a good weekend

i would say. on friday she went out with the famous mr. linse and met the new Weakest Link host, who of course fell for her. then saturday she crashed a beverly hills private party with some help from that tight little porsche.

then sunday she called me up late to laugh and laugh and laugh and it’s cool.

i don’t mind having a Fun Competition against a blonde bombshell who lives off melrose place. and secretly im really happy for her because with each of these weekends she moves further and further away from her stupid ex boyfriend, something our daisy princess could learn from.

only regret that i have with my life are the periods of time that i moped over lost loves hoping that they’d come back to me and all would be well again.

i cant think of one famous love affair where the dumped cries all night and the dumper returns and changes their mind.

i also don’t know of too many love-at-first sights that work out, either, which is why, when i meet a hottie i usually look down at her feet or around her or through her so that i can find out more about her before i soak in the visuals which can deceive.

last night maddie and i talked at length about the animal magnetism phenomenon which she said she experienced during one of the nights out that she had and i will be investigating that chemistry experiment as i wander on my path because it is pretty cool, i must admit.

chemistry does not guarantee great sex. it does not guarantee longevity or even mutual love. but when you can get a lot of those things together, including respect and honest communication, you really have something.

and if for whatever reason, both parties agree to just say fuckit and trust…

i suppose that’s what dreams are made of.

which is the bullseye im aiming at, rockstars.

tonight i will settle for the small victory that my wrists aren’t sore and its nearing quitting time.

kevin holtsberry flowed the busblog 7 days in a row and then faltered yesterday, meaning that the streak remains at 14 days by my man, JC. although it’s more profitable for me to get one lump sum with instructions to “pretend” that it has been sent each day, it is pretty fun to get a buck (or .66 cents, technically) every day from someone i really don’t know.

what i’d really like to see, though, is how many people this month bust with the $20 donation.

i say no one will do it.

however, i don’t mind being ridiculously wrong.

his wife is sorta nuts

he’s in the music biz and he’s sorta nuts, but he loves his family who can at times overshadow him, but he’s a star. no he’s not ozzy, he’s eric olsen and today is his hank aaron birthday. forty four with a bullet.

because i have extremely low self esteem, i save nearly every email sent to me where someone says something nice to me. i delete the mean ones.

the first time eric wrote me he said nice things, which is the best way to introduce yourself. bullshitting a bit doesn’t hurt either:

Dear Tony,

Been meaning to write to you – your Children of Afghanistan picture series was one of the top 5 works of any kind I’ve seen since 9/11, and I’ve seen a lot. It made my wife cry. You are something – don’t know about all this womanizing, though.

Look out for yourself. Please check out below – you’re a deep thinker.


Eric Olsen

since then he has asked me my thoughts on how he could get his blog to receive more hits, and he actually took my advice and with his sharp mind, insightful and well-researched writing, and furious output, he has made it to the highest echelons of bloggerdom.

my advice to him was to link to the top bloggers out there and comment and push their buttons and crash the party. eric pretty much said, “is that all” and linked damn near everyone, talked smack, took names, and created an entirely unique and passionate blog rightfully deserving of its glorious stature.

in person he was talkative, friendly, opinionated, and nice. definitely the sort of fellow you’d want coaching your kid in little league or guiding your band in the studio as he turned the dials and created gold records.

watch as he masterminds what might just be The place to go for independent record and book reviews using the great untapped resource of current bloggers whose energies have yet to be harnessed.

here’s hoping that when we turn 144 we can be this cool, have a hot young wife, beautiful kids, and the good sense to keep on rocking with the groovy new tunes. party on, numero uno producer, and even if you cant get us all those free cds youre ok with me.

fell in love with a girl

maybe she’ll come and kiss me out near riverside.

this weekend i spent a lot of time on the computer but not writing. i clicked my mouse with my left hand while on my right rested a soothing icepack. when i wasn’t catching up on all of your blogs, i looked at some of the sites that were nice enough to link me over the last month or so.

surprisingly, the one written by the ultradepressed anorexic supermodel who is so uncomfortable with her looks that she only goes out at night but still gets invited to go to parties around the world captured my interest and her writing was so good that i read her entire blog. normally the woe-is-me style doesn’t work on me because it’s so easy and predictable, but somehow this one pulls it off. all i hope is that this girl is for real and its not just a really awesome fake, cuz it could be, and im cynical.

but for today, lets pretend that she is for real. lets also pretend that she isn’t a completely depressed as she writes.

but can we pretend that she would do me the favor of an aol interview?

i have so many questions.

sadly, i think that if she is real, she’s probably as painfully shy as i and will deny me.

so all we’ll have is each other’s blogs.


since i can’t read into what my mother is trying to tell me or not tell me about my father dying or not dying, i remain in sweaty so-cal, spending my evening speeding east down the 10 freeway to that dive of a venue: the glass house in pomona. the unbathed college crowd was enough to make me feel old and overdressed, and maybe i am too old because i swear this was the loudest show i’ve seen and my hearing was lost on my right side during the second act. maybe i just complain too much. well i know it but still the second act should have just left. i never saw a crowd of people so bored watching a show. finally after four hours of discomfort in my cheapo shoes, the white stripes came out and played one rapid hour of ugliest-man-done-wrong on guitar and that’s-my-homely-enormous-ex-wife on drums but i’ll-tell-you-she’s-my-sister. don’t misunderstand me, they were fantastic, but i’m still a little sick with rex and it hurts for me to watch unattractive stockiness. i can’t barely keep my weight over a hundred pounds at six feet tall and i don’t pound the drums every day… plus they had lousy catering backstage. figure that. – anorexorcism by flagrant disregard

interview with:

ashley’s friend jenny

supertsar7: hi jenny

supertsar7: sorry i still havent sent your weezer stuff yet

jenny: that’s ok

jenny: i was starting to worry that it was lost in the mail

supertsar7: no, i just suck

jenny: haha, it’s fine, so do i

supertsar7: im sorry im making your friend all sad

supertsar7: she’ll be waaaay better off, trust me

jenny: i understand why you ended things though. but it sucks that you guys aren’t together anymore!

supertsar7: it was waaay longer than i ever expected it to be

supertsar7: i woulda thought she would have met someone else by now

jenny: well it doesn’t help that she’s not in school

jenny: she doesn’t meet that many people

jenny: but that’s just me being her mom

supertsar7: i tell her she should go to school too

supertsar7: college was the best part of my whole life

jenny: i know. i know she thinks she doesn’t need it, but it’s so useful these days. and she’s so smart and capable; it just seems like a waste

supertsar7: truly

supertsar7: other than the education, its the things you learn about life and other things too

supertsar7: just the social aspect of being in a safe little community of peers is a once in a lifetime thing

jenny: exactly. i mean, sure i haven’t taken full advantage of college in an academic sense but i’ve learned so much and grown so much and met so many people.

jenny: yeah

supertsar7: is bc much better than santa clara?

jenny: i’m at bu. and i’m really enjoying it. boston is so much better for me and the college of communications here has so much more to offer than santa clara’s did

supertsar7: are you going to take classes where you get to be on tv or the radio?

jenny: hopefully at some point. i want to get a radio spot next semester, i think it’d be fun. i’d probably just talk about sex and boys the whole time. that is, if they’d let me.

supertsar7: nah, we’re pretty shy about that stuff

supertsar7: this girl i worked with at the college paper has one of the best sex sites on the web

supertsar7: you should check it out:

supertsar7: nerve.com

supertsar7: totally arty photographs.

supertsar7: great astrology

supertsar7: free personals

supertsar7: its like an intelligent site about sex

supertsar7: way over my head

jenny: i think i went there once from your site

jenny: i vaguely remember

supertsar7: she was a super cool, totally hot photographer

supertsar7: now shes just a hot ceo

supertsar7: with a boyfriend named rufus

jenny: haha, that’s a name i use to insult people

jenny: i want to be a hot ceo

jenny: actually, i’d prefer to be a super cool, hot ceo

supertsar7: she is super cool still, im just jealous

supertsar7: what sort of company would you be ceo of?

jenny: i don’t know. i don’t even know what my interests are, it’s rather sad

supertsar7: that sounds impossible

supertsar7: maybe talking about sex is your interest

jenny: haha, could be. i think it’d be fun to write for one of those silly women’s magazines (which i admittedly buy every month)….you know, like ‘i tested 15 vibrators and these are my recommendations!’

supertsar7: ok, listen, any time you want to write something like that, i would love to put it on my site

supertsar7: so feel free to start right away

supertsar7: you can make up a fake name if you want, too

jenny: well, as soon as you send me 15 vibrators, i’d be happy to start my research

jenny: really? i’ve always wanted one. but i’m worried i might get addicted.

supertsar7: youve never tried it ever?

jenny: nope

supertsar7: carmen electra says she uses one 4-5 times a week

supertsar7: but i dont think shes addicted to it

supertsar7: this would be one i would want some chick to tell me about

jenny: haha, a hello kitty vibrator? what will they think of next!

jenny: i want the rabbit pearl

supertsar7: going right for the craziest one

supertsar7: scorpios are the best!

jenny: yes, yes we are

supertsar7: one year i dated six scorpios in a row

supertsar7: i would highly recommend that to any young boy

jenny: we’re the most sexual and sensuous sign of the zodiac

supertsar7: by a mile

jenny: yay

supertsar7: in many cases its not even fair

jenny: haha, well i’m sorry you feel that way. but we make up for it by also being stubborn, jealous, possessive, over-emotional psychos

supertsar7: but also mysterious and sultry and intuitive

supertsar7: im lucky i was born on the cusp of scorpio and libra

supertsar7: so im not jealous at all

supertsar7: or emotional

jenny: i wish i wasn’t jealous. it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

supertsar7: i think with practice people can get over it

supertsar7: although even God says that hes jealous

jenny: well i need a lot of practice then. actually, i think i’m getting better.

jenny: really?

jenny: well then i don’t feel so bad

supertsar7: yeah, way early in Genesis, he says that hes a jealous God

supertsar7: and hes very emotional

jenny: maybe he’s a scorpio.

supertsar7: could be

jenny: alright, well i’m afraid i have to go. my little french friend is craving some grub.

supertsar7: right on, good chatting with you

jenny: it was good talking to you too

jenny: hopefully we will speak again soon

supertsar7: cool!

supertsar7: au revoir!

jenny: bye bye!