the art is back

as per requested by coulter

so my request of him is, now, bring back the rock.

even while taking a hiatus, tsar is the best band in america.

and if i were to write something for blogcritics dot com, it would be to praise my friends of hollywood who delivered not just one great anthem on their self titled debut, but three: i dont wanna break up, calling all destroyers, and teen wizards.

thats the triple prong attack, ladies and gentlemen.

when you have the ability to release on the public three real life teen pop trash glam rock rock rock hits that could easily fit on any summer teen flick blockbuster why wouldnt you? hollywood records, owned by disney, have a few movies that come out to exploit these fine young gentlemen, dont they?

but, oh yeah, thats right, hollywood records has never broken a band in its history.

the closest thing they had, as infamous as it might be, were the insane clown posse, who, perhaps because of their sloppy and very public drop from the label, went on to sell millions overnight, cultivating an intensely bizarre cult following, which, unfortunately is slightly different from the conservative beliefs of the house of mouse who dont have any freaky frenzied fans themselves, of course.

hollywood records knows how to release movie soundtracks, but they wouldnt want to be tsar on any of those, not with tsar’s spacy ambience and heartbreaking choruses.

save the soundtracks and monies and videos and world tours for bbmack, who, i keep hearing, play their own guitars!

cuddly And talented?

yes tsar looks gay sometimes.

but tsar isnt gay.

if i was a teen boy homophobic i would probably hedge my bets but trust me, theyre just doing that to get the ladies, see?

and strangely it works.

everyone needs to go download tsar, listen to it, and tell me truly what they think, in the comments.

i’d seriously like to know your opinons.

thank you.