we watched the new mtv

musical half hour that parodies things through hip hop songs. scratch and burn. it was funny as hell.

is hell funny?

hell yeah.

i mean, no. if im totally partying it up in heaven, sliding down the hot fudge sundae mountains, manning the info booth at the blowjob convention, or coming back from the tsar show, i’m not going to want to be reminded that theres a hell where people are sufferring and being tortured and are only given pepsi.

mr. know it all came over with simone and meesh last night.

the ladies drank imported beers.

mr. know it all asked for a pepper.

who knew he was a pepper?

im a pepper.

karisas a pepper.

jeanine turned me into a pepper.

i got the dr. pepper catalogue from the dr. pepper museum store. they have a salt and pepper shaker set. the salt says, in the familiar dr. pepper font, “i’m a salt” and the pepper says “i’m a pepper”.

pretty awesome.

after mtv, i saw the last few minutes of ty willingham leading the fighting irish to their unbeaten start, 8-0.

one thing i like about metafilter, i’m always right on it.

ive had my ups and downs with metafilter. the people are really smart. sometimes theyre dumb. mostly theyre smart.

very difficult judges of things.

over analysts.

but sometimes its good to have that sort of brain trust. people who dont care what you think or how you feel.

metafilter isnt about feelings.

its about the truth.

truth hurts sometimes, superheroes.

now the kelly clarkson diary is on.

you think you know…

during the commercial break i realize i have been writing in my blog and somewhere in it it says:

all day long we bullshit each other and try to make life all about slow pitch softball and ease.

i’m a pepper.

salon is trading at five cents

sun computers is three bucks.

when i was your age it was $125.

mr. know it all