Saint Paul, a bob costas fan,

writes today that he enjoyed my thrashing of the nbc commentator on his site fratersilertas. dont ask me what it means.

i do know what it means to make a quick $20, and bill over at is offerring me an intriguing wager. if the Angels sweep the Gyros, which is a done deal, in my opinion, he will pay pal my ass twenty bucks. if the Giants win even one game, i have to get Anna to guest blog for his blog. when anna heard about this bet she applied a new coat of clear polish to her nails and didnt even bother to blow them dry. now thats confidence.

if anyone else wants to lose their money, please let me know. last time i checked i did pretty well off that Laker/Nets fiasco.

moxie has a new url:, update accordingly.

layne hasnt updated in eight days. asshole. 🙂 now i dont think i will give him that air mail letter that was sent to his olde address after all.

Philip has been very patient while waiting for me to link his esquisite blog, The Invisible Hand. I don’t know whats wrong with me. I had his link up before the war, but it isnt up there now. Have I done this to you? Were you once linked and are no longer? Please leave me a comment or email my ass. Gracias.

Robert Loch, the man who got me my anna k. traffic years ago, has a new site. Lots of videos. Very funny. Perhaps you too will agree. It’s called Viral Planet.

wKen wrote me to tell me that he made a Not For Work Safe photo essay, that i think you should all check out. it’s a few months old. but what can you do?

btw, i think someone needs to let the world keep in touch with the Cam Girls. Oish hasn’t updated in a week. that makes me sad. mindy darkend her hair. i love her site(s). kthxbi is still funny as hell. which rhymes with Chelle, who constantly amazes me. and the twin goth sisters? they still hate me. they think i demean women. which is true. i think that they can do with their bodies what they want and live their lives as freely as they want. and if they want to pose in mags or infront of a cam and i look at it, suddenly thats me demeaning them. i’ll live.

gus mueller writes today that he really liked my birthday wishes, especially the one where i say i’d like to make out with thirty six girls on my bday.

and finally, Jackson has a great site and blog full of pictures, and dont be suprised if you see a photo essay in there.

i have a hot date with a hot girl tonight.

it makes me a little nervous because i really don’t want to do it. shes got gorgeous eyes, juicy lips, dynamite body. booming system up top, in the back. boop, bop, bang. has a little latin flava to her with a perfect ass. white teeth. brains. fast car. a convertible. a good job. money. but shes the wrong astrological sign.

i know i know i know what youre going to say. youre going to call me gay. well, thats not very nice, because she has gay friends and they love her.

in my mind we’ve tried to make it work, and it didnt work. i dont remember the fights we would get in, but there were lots of them. way more than i had with ashley and im done dating her too. fights begat fights. happiness begat fights. maybe we were both too sensitive. im accepting some responsibility too, here. it take two to slam dance.

so she emailed me the other day and asked if i wanted to have drinks tonight and i said yes. how can you say no.

chris tricked me into a five year relationship with exactly that line a while back, but see, chris was the right sign for me.

sometimes i judge people like tom cruise and billy joel and rod stewart and mick jagger and i think how can those guys get rid of their terrific girlfriends and wives?

but living 108 years, going on 109, i have learned that not every hot chick who’s tons of fun and sexy and smart and creative and all the good things matches up with losers like me.

so im terribly afraid that tonight will end up in either another fight, or a wild romp that will lead to confusion, or just confusion or just fighting or something.

i dont see how it can be good.

but i am usually wrong about affairs of the heart.

and i am constantly pleasantly suprised by humanity and twists of fate or the grace of God, whichever you prefer. especially when the happy ending can result in a warm smile from a hot girl.

this is the toughest trial in my trivial life today. that, and finding a blank tape for Survivor tonight.

is it true you haven’t been wearing your vest in the field?

these people knew the answers. i didn’t say anything. they didn’t say anything. coffee was poured. there was a knock at the door, a limp nervous knock. someone found a black magic marker, dug a used envelope out of the small waste basket and scribbled DO NOT FUCKING DISTURB, opened the door and when the young man who had been knocking began explaining what he wanted, the older man said hold this and handed him the envelope and said stand right there, and slammed the door.

la vista, we like your work, we like your work ethic but you’re losing a step on pursuits, and you’ve become more reckless than we feel comfortable. the gray haired man said.

your vest, agent, is part of your uniform. we have invested in you and we like to protect our investments, another gray haired man said.

i respected both of these men. they were mans men. they fought in war. hand to hand. joined the agency before it was trendy. fought crime for the right reasons. did it all by the book. they were the conscious and the backbone of the renegade xbi. they didn’t take shit from wildcard young agents like me. but i could see that they really did like me, so i wasn’t afraid i would be fired, which was good because i had my eye on a dispatcher i had never noticed before.

we’re going to re-assign you to chopper one. you’re going to learn how to fly a black copter. you will be our eye in the sky. you will be an important part of our work.

it also meant i would have to turn over my gun.

most agents considered this demasculinzation. i didn’t. chop lil sonny off and i’d feel demasculinized, but a gun? you can have it.

chopper one was the best flying vehicle in the agency. it was fast, stealth and completely silent. it was a marvel of engineering and tax dollars. the navy had originally designed it but scrapped it. the xbi tweaked it and made it theres.

we’re counting on you to make this a smooth transition, they said.

i handed them my gun.

they handed me a bag of money and the keys to chopper one.