my buddy ben works right across the courtyard from me

we live pretty close to each other. but our work schedules are a little different otherwise i bet we would carpool or some shit.

anyhow on friday he saw me walking to the busstop and offered me a ride. i gladly accepted. everyone loves ben.

he asked me how old i was, really, i said, 30. he said, wow, for some reason i though you were younger than me. i said nope.

i said, ben, it sucks getting older cuz i feel like im a failure, i don’t have the car, the wife, the cool job like you, i don’t really have anything.

he said, you’re famous. you linked me today and my hits skyrocketed. what’s better than fame?

i said, um, actually being famous.

we laughed at that one.

then i said barry bonds isnt gay and we both laughed like crazy.

the sign says “have what you have” so i’ll take the thousand hits i get a day to the busblog. don’t ever think i don’t appreciate you.

i’ll take the snoozing twenty year old blonde girl in my waterbed who i don’t appreciate nearly as much as i should.

i’ll take the raiders on one channel and the bears on the other.

i think my tv is the only thing i truly appreciate.

it’s never given me carpal.

i’ll take my friends who i completely blow off, who will one day turn on me, im sure.

and i’ll even take all the good people out there like the 22 yr old nurses who send me their pictures, or the hose monsters who send me birthday gifts, and the bonnies and charlies who send me pancake makers. thank you everyone, i received your presents and they’re all much loved.

the sign of libra is the scales and we’re constantly weighing things: wants vs. haves. satisfaction vs desire. push vs pull. naughty vs. nice.

theres very little that i really want.

i want to blog for a living. i want a wife and kids and house and mini van. i want an old english sheepdog named angus. i want to write a novel in november.

i want these fucking raiders to get it together.

i want the angels to destroy the giants.

i want for people, who when they gank my shit, to let me know because i do find it flattering.

i don’t see people stealing anyone else’s style anywhere in the blogosphere the way people steal mine and i love it.

jason chin