meesh and i are both libras.

for some reason that makes me think that i should listen to her when she tells me to do something.

she told me to try googlism, so i did, and these are the results. i like the last ones and the allegedly incomplete ones the best.

Googlism for: tony pierce

tony pierce is a better writer than you

tony pierce is the reason

tony pierce is on a mission across america

tony pierce is

tony pierce is auctioning off a link from his blog to yours

tony pierce is up in arms because “the voices of dissent” aren’t getting “proper coverage” by the warbloggers

tony pierce is asking for perma

tony pierce is brilliant and great and constantly makes me sick with the sheer hotness of his ex

tony pierce is raising money for his own blog

tony pierce is america’s greatest living poet

tony pierce is back

tony pierce is presently the main technical and business lead for microsoft in the pci and acpi areas

tony pierce is a pretty deep guy

tony pierce is the reason i started reading blogs

tony pierce is raising money every month for his site so why cant we all panhandle a bit huh? this chick has gotten over 5 grand

tony pierce is appointed to the position

tony pierce is divulging his secrets

tony pierce is selling links from his blog on ebay

tony pierce is dogpiling the strangers

tony pierce is the new strategic director at forest heath district council

tony pierce is awesome

tony pierce is to baseball

tony pierce is back from vacation and has resumed blogging again

tony pierce is duly linked

tony pierce is my idol

tony pierce is a blogging star

tony pierce is selling link privileges to his blog on ebay

tony pierce is my hero

tony pierce is entirely the reason i started blogging

tony pierce is calling for hits

tony pierce is up to

tony pierce is a guy with a crush on anna kournikova

tony pierce is always entertaining

tony pierce is fscking mad

tony pierce is starting to oddly reference my childhood lately

tony pierce is totally frickin’ awesome

tony pierce is not at all political

tony pierce is threatening to make one final stop on the bus blog

tony pierce is doing

tony pierce is auctioning off a chance to be


Straight Outta Compton

Ruthless Records, 1988

Express Yourself

(Ice Cube)

[Dr. Dre]

Yo man there’s a lot of brothers out there

flakin and perpetratin but scared to kick reality

[Ice Cube]

Man, you been doin all this dope producin

You ain’t had a chance to show ’em what time it is

[Dr. Dre]

So what you want me to do?

{Express yourself!}

[Dr. Dre]

I’m expressin with my full capabilities

And now I’m livin in correctional facilities

Cause some don’t agree with how I do this

I get straight and meditate like a Buddhist

I’m droppin flava, my behaviour is hereditary

But my technique is very necessary

Blame it on Ice Cube; because he said it gets funky

when you got a subject and a predicate

Add it on a dope beat; and it’ll make you think

Some suckers just tickle me pink – to my stomach

Cause they don’t flow like this one

You know what? I won’t hesitate to diss one

or two before I’m through, so don’t try to sing this

Some drop science; while I’m droppin english

Even if Yella, makes it a-capella

I still express, yo, I don’t smoke weed or sess

Cause it’s known to give a brother brain damage

And brain damage on the mic don’t manage – NUTHIN

but makin a sucka and you equal

Don’t be another sequel.. {Express yourself!}

{Express yourself!}

{Go on and do it..}

{Express yourself!}

{Express yourself!}

{Go on and do it..}

[Dr. Dre]

Now, gettin back to the PG

That’s program, and it’s easy

Dre is back, new jacks are made hollow

Expressin ain’t their subject because they like to follow

the words, the style, the trend; the records I spin

Again and again and again – yo, you’re on the other end

Whatch a brother playin dope rhymes, with no help

There’s no fessin or guessin while I’m expressin myself

It’s crazy to see people be

what society wants them to be, but not me

RUTHLESS, is the way to go, they know

Others say rhymes which fail to be original

or they kill where the hip-hop starts

Forget about the ghetto, and rap for the pop charts

Some musicians cuss at home

But scared to use profanity when upon the microphone

Yeah, they want reality, but you will hear none

They’d rather exaggerate a little fiction

Some say no to drugs, and take a stand

But after the show, they go lookin for the “Dopeman”

Or they ban my group from the radio

Hear N.W.A. and say, “Hell no!”

But you know it ain’t all about wealth

As long as you make a note to.. {Express yourself!}

{Express yourself!}

{Go on and do it..}

{Express yourself!}

{Express yourself!}

{Go on and do it..}

[Dr. Dre]

{Express yourself!} .. from the heart

cause if you wanna start to move up the chart

then expression is a big part of it

You ain’t efficient when you flow, you ain’t swift

Movin like a tortoise, full of rigor mortis

There’s a little bit more to show

I got rhymes in my mind, embedded like an embryo

or a lesson – all of ’em expression

And if you start fessin, I got a Smith and Wessun for ya

I might ignore your record because it has no bottom

I get loose in the summer winter spring and autumn

It’s Dre on the mic, gettin physical

Doin’ the job, N.W.A is the lynch mob!

Yes I’ma climb, but you know you need this

And the knowledge is growin just like a fetus

or a tumor, but here is the rumor

Dre is in the neighborhood and he’s up to no good

When I start expressin myself, Yella, slam it

Cause if I stay funky like this I’m doin damage

Or I’ma be too hyped, and need a straight jacket

I got knowledge, and other suckers lack it

So, when you see Dre, a DJ on the mic

Ask what it’s like – it’s like we’re gettin hyped tonight

Cause if I strike, it ain’t for your good health

But I won’t strike if you just.. {Express yourself!}

riley dog

so blogger was hacked today.

little fucks.

when i was your age i was beating off to nude madonna pics in playboy.

easiest thing in the world to do is fuck up someone else’s shit. didnt you learn that last year?

and wheres the glory?

Ev at blogger wrote software and got servers so that people from anywhere in the world could write whatever bullshit they want to write and do it for free and you want to throw a wrench into that? do you even know what a wrench is?

lets say you kids are thinking ahead and this was really all about stealing usernames and passwords of the 750,000 users’s ftp passwords.

what would be the point to that?

so you can say you did it? like climbing mt. fuckyou?

how about asking out the hottest chick in school?

how about kissing the hottest chick in school?

how about learning how to play guitar?

how about fingering the hottest chick in school?

the youth of today has lost its priorities and i get it that hackers arent interested in the money or the fame, but the power, so i will tell you this, when i was a lad there was no one more popular and powerful and envied than the dude with the coolest girlfriend or the kid who could shred the guitar the best.

name all the most famous hackers in the world and none of them can hold a candle to kid rock’s middle finger.

so congratulations big shots. today is your day. you brought down a house of cards. one of the easiest targets on the web. perhaps the easiest.

you affected the blogs of nearly a million people. pardon me while i yawn.

thats like hijacking the truck that delivers the ballons for all the squirt-the-water-in-the-clown’s-mouth carnival games.

somehow i think life will go on.

see, bloggers will go and do something else when their hobby is disrupted. it really isnt a big deal to us. despite the slams, most of us do have lives to lead.

and people who look at blogs will either go back to work or sex or play or if theyre bored they’ll pull up solitaire on their laptops.

you, you will just have your pimples, and your bad incubus mp3s and your pr0n and a little voice inside of your head thats right this time, when it says, you really are the pathetic loser that everyone has always said you are. you will never get laid. you will never be anything. you are nothing. you are boring. you’re a bully. youre sniper in a trunk of a caprice with a pointy little thing aimed at innocents. .

it’s been done before. it’ll be done again, better and more creatively. you’ve used your skills for juniorhighevil

you’re a tool.

you’re a fool

and your fingers smell of ass.

repent, read science blog

so, mr. carpal demon. think you can make me reach for the wrong wallet?

think the 720 bus driver isnt going to notice when i flash her the Sept. pass? think i’m not going to freeze in my tracks? think she’s gonna just let me on when i say, “i must have picked up the wrong wallet?”

who has two wallets in their house that look exactly the same? black, thin, and mostly empty? who has a demon in their arm making them do all the wrong things and preventing them from the much loved photo essays? pbs emailed me the other day to consider me for a peice on blogging. wouldnt it a been nice to have a new photo essay all ready for them? maybe something about the rally monkey? or about the dc sniper. or about kissing?

i really do have a million ideas that i aint even rocked yet, arm demon, and i will rock them even if i have to carve you out of me like a scoop of icecream.

nice man emailed me from paris. how many emails you get from paris that say that you make them laugh every day? people dont write arm demons many emails i suppose, maybe it’s because you use your powers for the wrong purposes.

anyway i’ll be fine wallet-less today, evil curse, i always have lots of change in my bag for bus fare home, and i have a half a burrito in the fridge and water and water and water, so f you, as soon as i go home im gonna put the old wallet in a remote location and i will dance around my mansion as i tidy it because i think meesh is going to come over before she moves away to the rocky mountains.

it’s nine thirty am. how can blogger be down? worse, how can pro blogger be down? demon, you know anything about this?

denial of service.

best metal band album name of the day, people. they still have metal bands any more?

thank you houston, this next one is from our new album, denial of service-ah…

like i said in my comments, im gonna be the dude from the white stripes for halloween.

dont nobody copy me.


dirty fez

anna was over last night.

anna kournikovafirst thing she said when she came over was so ashley really had that candy trail to your bedroom? and pointed to the floor.

i said of course.

she said you cant say of course when your blog says nothing in there is true.

she took a piece of candy and unwrapped it and looked at me when she put it in her mouth.

ive never understood jealousy. ive never been jealous. ive only wanted girls who have me on the top of their list. if someone else is on the top of their list, they should be with that person. anna doesnt get jealous.

she gets even.

why havent you eaten her candy, she said, and opened up another one. it was a mr. goodbar.

ive had some candy, i told her.

she didnt take it out of its little wrapper. she unpeeled it like a little banana.

put her tounge on it then without moving her head shot her attention toward me and put the tip in her mouth.

i stood there holding the mail in my hands.

people who know me know that when a girl is really gorgeous or doing something outrageous i do my best to look away because i can just find myself staring if i dont catch myself.

anna has a way of knocking down my defenses.

plus she wanted me to look. she loves it when i look.

she put the whole thing in her mouth.

then took it out.

it glimmered in the christmas lights that twinkled on the walls.

then she put it back in her mouth.

i have a lot of candy here, i told her.

i have a lot of time, she said.

and thats why i missed the softball game last night, coach.

i swear.