ac/dc got into the rock n roll hall of fame last night.

as you know, the back in black tour was the second concert i ever saw. totally changed my life.

yesterday elvis costello was inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. as you know, ive seen elvis play maybe ten times. i have every recording he’s ever made. i even got to get my picture taken with him because the Lord loves geeks like me.

yesterday the police were also inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. as you might know the Police synchronicty tour was the first concert that i ever went to via help from a ticket scalper. the $12 tickets were sold to me and four friends for $30, which we felt was expensive but definitely worth it since we were in the 15th row. stewart copeland has changed my life in many ways. the best way was in letting me realize that i will never be a great drummer. it’s good to learn these things early.

yesterday the clash were also inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame. they opened for the who during the who’s first farewell concert. my mom wouldn’t let me go to that concert. she kept saying who? i love my mom. she changed my life way more than any rock band.

yesterday the phone rang and rang and someone gave me a lead on a new job and that was nice. he said that his brother reads my blog everyday and this guy just laughed and laughed telling me about everything. i think it would be a good job. i normally don’t like to discount careers that don’t pay very much, but this is a creative gig and i wouldn’t have to shoot anyone, so i might be interested in that. i don’t know. sometimes we get comfortable doing what we do even if it doesn’t really do much for us. I guess that’s why i pretty much exclusively date cheerleaders.

speaking of which, last night one of the most beautiful girls i have never met sent me a cd full of herself including several 30 second little movies of her doing random things like mowing the lawn (she lives in Hawaii), playing tennis up against her garage, and beating her brother at darts. i keep trying to figure out what i have done to deserve such wonderful attention, and this morning i realized it was so i could report back to you that things are better than people might try to convince you that they are. there are really wonderful people out there in the world and some of them are living in foreign lands that you don’t even need a passport to visit.

i also got to talk to an old friend of mine who is super cool who i haven’t talked to in a long time. i haven’t seen her in a while but when i last did she was prettier than ever. she told me that she is experiencing a problem that the boys of her town never want to rip off her clothes and attack her the way that she wants to rip off their clothes and attack them. she told me that she feels very confused about this situation and feels very unnatural because it’s her belief that men should be the aggressors in the relationship. then she emailed me a picture of herself in an outfit that she wore the other night when she got barely any play. my jaw dropped and i couldn’t lift it up for several minutes. i stared at the picture trying to find the mystery behind the beauty, for it truly was something that i had not experienced in quite a while. she looked like an angel. a sassy angel. an angel who wanted to fall but was too good for any of that. an angel with dirty thoughts. when i was done looking at her picture i forgot why i was looking at it and never called her back to answer her question.

i just went to bed, alone, and wondered if i had left the front door unlocked.

let em come in, i thought, and floated off.

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