sometimes i forget what an incredible life i live already.

in this neverending quest for more and better sometimes i forget that hot girls really do want to get naked for me, that i do have a few marketable skills, and that we still live in a country where web-based fantasy gaming is not only a reality, but it remains as free as air.

im looking for some of the finest baseball minds on the internet to join me and a select few into the greatest fantasy baseball league of all time.

my man pk has already signed up, as well as nexus alum christopher from up north, and who could forget mc grummand. good luck without wickman this year, sucker.

and best of all, my old fantasy nemesis, can o’whoopass, has generously accepted my invite in the wake of an nba hoops bath that he is taking due to my mighty knowledge and eerie perception in terms of underrated big men, and wiley three point artists.

this is going to be a baseball league like no other.

there are more than enough catagories to find any weakness in most teams. only the most well rounded and talented team will win.

like mine.

i havent even drafted my team and i know i will win. its destiny, and thats the best part about this season, if you ask me, which is why i now want to beat the best.

come and be that group that i destroy.

live draft this saturday afternoon at high noon pacific time. i am the commisioner.

In order to join, just go to, click the Sign Up Now! button and choose to Join a Private League. Then, when prompted, enter the following information…

League ID#: 33989

Password: sammy

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