as some of you might know,

i was flown to the white house the other night to play scrabble.

well, i lost.

and part of my agreement was that i would make a pro-war photo essay for the president.

i tried to explain to them that even though i agreed with them, that i was, indeed, a creative genius, i wasnt a magician. and i couldnt bust with a kickass photo essay on a topic that i didnt agree with.

i tried to tell them that even though i lost the scrabble tournament fair and square, that didnt mean that the commisioned photo essay would be any good.

they didnt want to hear my excuses, so i was allowed into a very nice room that had a big flat screen monitor and an incredibly powerful computer.

i paced around the room for a few minutes and then asked for a few bottles of mickey’s beer, several shots of jagermeister, and a nerf hoop and a nerf basketball.

the creative process is a mysterious animal, i whispered as i collected my things.

i downloaded some jay-z

and before i knew it, i had started my photo essay for the president.

before i was done i heard a knock at the door.

i didnt recognize the person but they asked to see my work. i told them i wasnt finished. they waved me away from the computer, clicked through, and assured me that yes, indeed, i was finished, and i could fly back home to hollywood.

later i got a very angry phone call that ended with, you will never play scrabble at the white house again!

win some lose some i suppose, anyhow, this is photo essay that was rejected the other night. i promise i’ll do better next time.

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