frisco, i love you.

i know i talk shit about you, but you know im just giving you a hard time.

a thousand people arrested today for protesting this so-called war? God bless you.

you laid in the streets, you stopped traffic, you kicked over newspaper stands, painted your faces, held high clever signs, and put the hitler moustashe on pictures of our president.

you are america, and i love you.

i woke up this morning and laid in bed and turned the dial and all there is on the radio these days are right wing white men who barf out the same old crap.

one guy called in and said he was in the costco in the valley yesterday. he said that when it was announced on the PA in costco that the war had broke out lots of people booed.

the radio guy said that those were bad americans.

no, adolf, those people were good americans.

bad americans keep their mouths shut. bad americans let their presidents break the law, bypass the constitution, the un, and common sense for their own agendas.

good americans raise their fists next to the two-gallon mayonaise and excersize their freedom of speech.

bad americans send teens to a desert to kill at will.

frisco you epitomized today what makes this nation great and i will never forget you for it.

i dont care that your streets smell of piss, i dont care how much it costs to cross the golden gate bridge, i dont care that most of my friends couldnt afford to live there any more.

i care that on any given day you are the most enlightened city on the globe, and today you validated what everyone already knew.

thank you.

and thank you for letting the cubs have dusty baker.

protest pics + sf gate pix + sf vomit-in

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