Black Webmaster

magazine wanted to do a pre-interview for their summer special double issue.

they’re my tenth favorite magazine so i said ok.

why didnt you do anything special for Black History Month this year?

completely uninspired.


no. just not into it this year.

can we, as Black leaders, afford not to be “into” our month?

the answer is yes, next question please.

how much of this blog is true?


but you wrote about the blogger panel a few weeks ago, and being in the la times last week, and dating that cheerleader. all of that was true.

well… i got tricked into writing about those things.

what did you have for dinner last night?

thats an odd question.

we like to have odd questions with relevant ones

i had a mcrib on the way to karisa’s. then she made some incredible quacamole. then on the way home i stopped off at popeyes and had the shrimp basket.

which popeyes?

hollywood and cahuanga. one guy was in there trying to fix a broken vhs tape. one table was full of orange rinds. then two cops came in with a dude who used the atm without purchase and the lady wouldnt give him his money.

what happened?

the cop looked at the atm which clearly said, purchase required, and told the guy that the woman didnt have to give him his twenty bucks. the lady said that the man had been rude to her. the cop asked nicely and the woman said ok and gave the guy his money.

do you read a lot?


how many girls are you dating?

only the ones who say yes.

what did you think of the michael essany show?

i loved it.

can you believe that it’s the year 2003 and all we’ve progressed to is a reality tv show about the making of a cable access show?

the seway is the only thing that makes me believe that it really is the year 2003.

what about the internet?

oh yeah, that too.

recently you’ve been critical of Black Webmaster for, of all things, its movie reviews.

i just think you are wasting your space. last year was a huge year for us in film, this year The Hot Chick triples the box office of 25th Hour, easilly the best movie spike has made since X, and you guys just bang out issues and dont even bat an eye.

but rob schneider is very popular.

all i know is im gonna go to the DMX / Jet Li movie simply because of that song, and you guys arent writing about that either.

please dont be so critical. we love your blog.

ok. sorry.

do you miss ashley?

very much.

max power

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