Good Day,

Thank you for shopping with As a safeguard to protect the security of your account information, we request that you fax, or email, a copy of a Driver’s License, Passport, or National ID card (Cedula de Identidad). You may fax it to Fax: 860-927-8605 or email a scan to .

Please write the order number on the document you send us. Please include satisfactory documentation that your name is associated with the credit card number that

you provide (such as a billing statement or scan of the actual card) for your order.


Review Department

Fax: 860-927-8605

to protest the war, im not going to put up with any more bullshit nonsense from the archaiac minds of Fry’s Electronics, who held the hands of my favorite online source for electronics and gang raped her while sullying her good name with idiocy like what we are forced to read above.

in all of my days, i have never had to scan my fucking credit card and then send it to a merchant.

nor have i ever been asked to FAX a copy of my passport!


fuck you, fry’s electronics. we are talking about a $399 digital camera. specifically one i should have had in my hot little hands early this morning.

dont send me an email with the sole word “Review” as the sender. do you have any idea how much email i get a day? and do you have any clue how much of it is worthless spam?

no, of course you dont, because FAX is still in your limited vocabulary.

fry’s i hope all of your stores burn down in the middle of the night and your fire insurance has lapsed.

you give a bad name to ultra low priced shady gray market electronics sales.

you undercut your commisioned salespeople from a web site that they cant price match and then you demand that the customer sends proof that they are who they say they are. who the fuck are you?

name me one other successful, legitamite ecommerce site that asks for a passport for a $400 purchase?

im going to go to bel air cameras in westwood.

im going to buy the tiny little trendy camera that everyone else buys and takes great pictures with. i will buy the warrantee and the extra memory and the carry case and lens filters and anything else that they want to sell me.

i am a consumer and i wanted what i wanted and gave you all my info and you dropped the ball by asking for more in a ridiculous way.


i know you are related to Ticketmaster in some way and when i find out how i will tell the world.

you are evil and i hope you come down with a terrible flu and you cant sleep at night.

i hope your children wont stop fighting while you try to read.

i hope your dog barks at the shadows in the alley.

i hope your fax machines catch fire and 60 minutes does twenty minutes on your ass.

you make circuit city seem like a pool party at hefs house.

i hope you get stuck in traffic.

fan checks + funny commercial + mc browns pix of last night

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