i swear this wont turn into a sports blog

i have no problem with jon gruden.

during the season i had to hold him in the way of an enemy.

but they won that super bowl fair and square. and the raiders gave a lot of it away.

good for jon gruden.

cubs scored 15 runs today. not since 1899 have they scored that many on opening day. we’re going all the way.

leadoff hitter corey patterson knocked in seven runs. two homers.

if fucking corey patterson is ready to rock, this shits over.

and kerry wood was snapping that curveball, in the cold of new york.

and they had to walk sammy three times cuz theyre pussy ass bitches whose mothers are ashamed of.

it snowed in the middle of opening day in baltimore today.

then the sun came out, then they played some more, then it went into extra innings.

when the cubs go all the way this year, you can say it was the year it fucking snowed in baltimore on opening day.

quite a few people wished me happy opening day today, i liked that.

i wore a black espn tshirt today and my cubs hat, then they asked me how the (red) sox were doing.

this year again i find myself surrounded by red sox fans.

sox lost a hot breakah today. pedro pitched his ass off through six. might have even been up by six.

then they let the bullpen finish it up and those fuckers gave up the lead and then lost it.

besides pedros sharp opener, red sox fans were probably also happy about the fact that derek jeter dislocated his shoulder in a freak accident at third when he slid in head first hustling to third from first on a ground ball out in the infield.

and he was safe.

first day of the season and people are speculating how steinbrenner will replace his all star.

will he use the major leagues current farm system, the montreal expos, and pluck the youthful orlando cabrera, or let barry larkin get a chance to get a ring.

soriano hit a grand slam.

they might not need a shortstop.

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