in the days of chimpanzees i was a koala.

its been a long night here at the xbi and rarely do i write you from here.

it’s quiet here. the wind isn’t blowing any more. it’s warm. i think i have a quasi-date tonight. not so sure.

im so olde that even if she cancels on me i wouldn’t care one way or another.

crazy, huh?

if you saw the chicks that i couldn’t care less about, you’d ask me if i was gay.

maybe i am if that’s the litmus test.

im just olde and lazy and so tired by the end of the day that im not so crazy about going on new dates any more even with girls i have no business being with cuz theyre magical and amazing and whatever and whatever.

im sick of telling the story of my life over and over and over.

im so happy when hot babes who read this blog want to date me. im shocked half the time and i ask them why they never left any comments and they usually say its cuz they didn’t feel like they had anything to say.

oh theres the maintenance crew. i never see these people. im either up in the air or gone by now. im hardly ever at my desk any more, something i like.

i like you. i like all of you. even the retards. whatever to the rest of you. jk.

anyhow i feel like a burrito with extra guacamole, i feel like a big coke, i feel like a kiss and a hug and a cute girl with long hair to hold my hand as i fall asleep watching whatever foreign film she picked up in her sports car on the way to my hollywood cabana.

i feel like making lust.

but maybe next week.

brit coal

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