me and karisa watched the miss usa

competition last night along with maternity ward and one day i’ll figure everything out and when i do i will tell you all about it.

i had wine coolers left over her house from an 80s party she threw. we passed the whipped cream back and forth and with the fruity malt liquor it tasted like a delicous desert.

the ladies were pushing and pushing. lots of them didnt take the epidermal. karisa shook her head in disbelief.

one of the babies came out super tiny.

lots of the babies had green grey gunk all over them.

some were really big.

i dipped my hand in the bag of taco bell and pulled out some chicken quesadilla and karisa switched over to vh1 where they were talking about celebrities who had their stomach stapled.

jeanine used to do this to me. all this gross stuff. they seriously like it though. fascinated like.

then came on tlc a thing on transsexuals.

she curled up ready for the hour to start.

her cat dug around in the box of kitty litter, looking for something, maybe its wedding ring. he scratched at it pretty good. drop a diamond in there, kitty, i asked it.

it looked up and stared at me pissed off and frozen.

i took a picture of it.

it lasts longer.

tomorrow night i will have dinner with a generous businesswoman who wants to make busblog tshirts.

i told her that we should have a tshirt design contest and she said definately.

send your designs to

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