sometimes i wonder what britney

and christina and mandy moore and kelly osbourne and carson daly will look like in about 15 years and then i just laugh and laugh and laugh cuz theyre all doomed.

i remember when madonna humped her wedding dress at one of the first mtv video award shows and she was so beautiful back then, not to say shes not beautiful now, but i dont think any of us would have figured that she would be at the place that shes at now. whereever that place is.

and Lord knows none of us expected me being in the place where i am now, fighting crime, writing you, going out with girls so young that they just laugh and laugh when i pass by places like the LA Collesium and say, “i saw the Stones play there with Guns N Roses opening in ’87,” and then i ask them why shes laughing and she’ll say it was cuz she was only four in ’87.

and i wonder why girls like that would want to be going out with me, and then i look in the mirror and i remember.

chicks love flying cars.

weather man said a few days ago that today would be the day where everyone would want to call in sick, but the LA weatherman is always wrong, probably because they dont have any real practice. turned out Sunday was the beautiful day and today is overcast with a visibility of only 5 miles up here in chopper one, which is too bad because if i had known that, and if i had known that karisa was going to invite me over to do laundry at her hollywood hills mansion that i would have done something outdoorsy instead of watching movies with her on her watersofa.

technically i went over to her house last night to duct tape her sofa in the spots where her mischivious cats did their worst. that couch is great when its not slowly leaking on you and we laid on it like hippies while i did my laundry and she detoxed.

next door her punk rock neighbors were having weiner dog races on a damp slip n slide, which is a pretty unique event to witness.

everything is a drinking game with karisa, even when shes trying to be good, but it was hard to resist betting a shot on the black dog who was usually great out of the gates, but then started slipping and then, of course, sliding, letting the brown weiner dog, the older of the two, trot to clear victory.

i wanted to fly a kite, any kind of a kite, but preferably a box kite in the gentle breeze, but thought of it too late as we watched the sun set over the mountains.

katie hall

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