the stones are going to play china

but the chinese officials wont let them play “Brown Sugar,” “Honky Tonk Woman,” “Beast of Burden,” or “Let’s Spend the Night Together.’

there was a time where i would listen to beast of burden every day for maybe a year.

aint i rich enough?

aint i tough enough?

if i get to go to heaven i want to work for the newspaper up there and i want to ask these chinese officials what they really think will happen if the kids in china hear brown sugar? and because it’s heaven none of the bs mumbo jumbo will be allowed to come out of their mouths, just the truth, from their hearts.

“we’re afraid everyone will want to have sex,” im guessing they’ll say.

but doesnt everyone want to have sex anyway? i’ll ask.

“ever hear chinese music?” they’ll say back and i’ll clink my shot of rum with his shot of jd and we’ll drink and i’ll file my story.

stories are shorter in Heaven, im thinking. super short. super good and super short. lots of awesome, short, exclusive interviews with famous people and people who should have been famous.

i bet in heaven they play a lot of stones’ songs.

thats a question that i would like to ask these chinese officials, do you think they play Beast of Burden in heaven?

i have no problem with China. i just want to figure out their deal.

banning particular songs in the year 2003 sung by 60 year old men?

obviously they have never heard the lyrics of “start me up.”


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