when i get my star on the hollywood walk of fame

chris rock, chris farley, adam sandler and a nice lady laughing

dont expect me to strike a pose.

i really like him, but what the hell has chris rock done to get a star on hollywood blvd?

he made one really good hbo special.

he played a convincing crackhead in new jack city.

he was funny as buckwheat on saturday night live.

that gets you a star these days?

karisa was supposed to come over tonight. then she remembered that tonight was her night to read to the blind at the library.

i was relieved because i didnt want to clean up tonight, and i always do when she comes over.

i especially didnt want to clean up because my maid is coming on friday and i didnt want her to feel unneeded.

shes so cheap it’s ridiculous, so i tip big.

youd think that that would encourage her to pay a little more attention to the dishes, but no. it doesnt.

all the guys at work think i should rent a car and drive somewhere for my vacation, but i just want to hang out at home and take it easy.

and do my taxes. and clean out my closets.

and upgrade my computer to xp with a 2 gig chip.

and get a physical.

and read and eat and sleep and sleep.

friday night me and karisa are going to jeanines new condo.

jeanine is having a little party.

if any of you party people who know jeanine dont know, shes having a little party at her new party pad.

metafilter had a discussion yesterday about the new beastie boys antiwar song.

it got tons of comments throughout the thread.

i didnt write anything about it because it’s a pretty bad song.

but i totally think that if chris rock deserves a star on hollywood blvd. then the beasties deserve three.

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