Subj: Re:fullyautomatic

Date: 94-05-27 16:49:00 EDT

From: Jenni677

To: GauchoTony

deer boy,

what makes you think i would let you?

i have an incredible will power, on that sometimes forces me to trade my pleasure for the pain of an another.

i would bite your nose and you say ouch andi would giggle.

please do remember that the girl jenni is often very aggressive because passivity is not my strong suit and for further notice, do not weave tales of seduction to me because i am much too hormonal these days. really i am.

its a very bad scene and p.s., i dig fucked up music like the bee gees- jive talking rocks. and i have an openmind.

are you going to the big apple or what? its pretty spiffy.

i wish i had gotten it on with some city boy. but alas i intimidate.

and i don’t wear jeans that often.

you need to devise another scheme.

and i would drive andid pull over and strangle the life out of you and put you in the trunk. really, you should be more careful with whom you select to be intimate with.

we psychopaths come in all shapes and sizes.

even the pretty blond stoking ones.

i want you and you don’t even know who i am,


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