God did i watch a lot of tv this weekend

my computer, it turned out revolted against me.

i was planning on doing a super sarcastic pro-war photo essay which i thought would just be the funniest damn thing in the world and my computer full on said no way, jose, on my ass leaving me with nothing but my 35″ mitsubishi and a tivo full of shows i hadnt gotten around to.

crazy how much time i have in my life when my computer is taken away from me. scary crazy.

i watched and thoroughly enjoyed “Dogtown and the Z-Boys” via a free weekend on Starz. my old girfriend Chris came over and we had Thai and watched It Happened One Night, finally.

i actually picked up the phone when it rang and rang this weekend and talked to a bunch of people i hadnt talked to in a long time.

hopefully you people know that i love you and im not ignoring you.

i went into my computer nook and figured that i could answer some emails with all my free time. i figured that because im a dumbass.

you have no idea how many emails i get. it’s wonderful, but i only get around to answering about 8% of them. not even my mom gets a reply to many of her emails and i love her the most of any person on the planet. so please dont feel shunned if i dont write you back. its nothing personal.

youd think with all that email i would have had a virus sooner than just this weekend, but early on i switched over to Web-based email through yahoo, which i totally recommend to you all.

this morning on the bus it was warm. people werent as asleep as they normally are. maybe it was because the trains and the busses were late, but i definatley didnt need my fleece shirt or my flannel. still it was nice to have them there just incase a snowstorm hit LA when i wasnt looking.

as i left the house this morning my neighbor in her turbo saab nearly hit me.

that woulda been nice.

she was driving her stick shift while holding a mug of coffee while trying to dial her cell phone.

none of that looks attractive.

but now that my hair is growing out, i would have made an adorable corpse.

katie is good

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