yesterday it was gene simmons’ birthday, so i allowed three young girls to come over to my house.

the oldest was 21, the youngest was, well, it was gene simmons’ birthday so i just served them tea and tried to talk about religon.

earlier in the evening my two favorite texans dan and sara came over since they were in town for the sunset junction street fair and auto show. we supped on fancy thai food in silver lake and then had boba drinks in chinatown. also in the party were my host, oswald t. huckenbacker, my attorney kim, teen hearthrob brendon w. maize, and the u.s marathon gold medalist kitty bukakke.

a good time was had by all until we wandered over to hop lueys and started playing quarters with shots of makers mark.

i do have the most wonderful friends and it is so nice to see them.

64. dirty fez

i wish i could remember the name of the thai place because it was good and it was very chic in there. quite LA. if you know where the pho place is on sunset near parkman, its the place that is called like ramamamamama.

i had to try the tom kai gai cuz im obsessed but i think os ordered the best dish, a lamb curry that was spicy and rich and deeeelish.

also of note was when the lollicup boba guy tracked us down at the bar to tell us that we should probably move our cars because we had parked in the Tour Bus Only spots and even though it was well past tour bus hours the creepy chinatown parking nazis would write us expensive tickets despite what it would do to their karma.

we talked at length about our pal bonnie’s cross country excursion that is being frequently updated on our friend marc brown’s super hot Buzznet photo service that all the cool kids are using for free. it’s like friendster but so much better, and with pictures, and well, different.

we discussed california politics, the state of blogging in america, and the fact that i dont get out much.

when i arrived home, the young ladies were getting stuck in the mud next to my rose bushes trying to peer into my bedroom window! one more step to the left and the quicksand would have inhaled them and they would have entered an alternate universe of white slavery, but fortunately for them that they heard me say good bye as i was dropped off.

because i have an early bedtime i showed them around the grounds, signed autographs and handed them each a bukowski book, several magazines for their ride home and a hit of acid for when they graduated college.

trick or treat i said and passed out before they were past my steel gates.

and today i get to see my true love and we will finally do some laundry which is good because all i have clean to wear is my leather batsuit.

hottest sorority girl ive never met + shyest sorority girl ive never met + dirtiest fez ive never met

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