some people like stealing elections

i like stealing art.

many in the xbi have dabbled in bank robbery, which was the gateway crime for more than a few of us.

i just did that for kicks

in high school

on dull nights when none of the girls would pick up their princess phones.

65. jason r.

back then we didnt have the fancy innernet where people could be on instant messenger at all hours, typing under their blankets on their pink laptops.

the best part about stealing art is you can hang it from the walls of your house and nobody ever thinks that its the real thing. why would they?

divinci’s nothing, ive had a michelangelo hanging over my couch for months. sure it isnt the full on pristine oil (it’s just a weathered sketch) but it’s the real deal and who would even know that its missing?

this divinci was actually a peace offering to clipper girl who has been treating me super nice lately.

hell, everyone has treated me super nice lately.

and the cubs won today.

they let us off work early today and i took some pictures on hollywood blvd, completely ignored this car chase on santa monica, and got naked as soon as i got home and stayed that way.

do you think i could go a week without “swearing”.

lets see if i can.

my mom would be pretty happy if i did.

anyway we sold the divinci about an hour after taking it and from what just found out those guys sold it about an hour after they got it.

wanna know how much we sold it for?

cheaper than you think.

annika + beejmeister + julien

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