today is harley-davidson’s 100th birthday

thanks, milwaukee.

and it’s also harley owner jason shellen’s 30th!

back when states had rights you only had to be 18 to drink in wisconsin, so all the kids of illinois would drive the hour and a half to wisconsin and sit on barstools and shoot pool and drive back to the land of lincoln drunk.

so when you mention milwaukee or any part of southern wisconsin to a kid from hangover park youre bound to get a smile off em.

i took my prom date claudia to lake geneva and we drank strohs and drove home drunk.

still milwaukee pales in the long shadow of its hulking neighbor to the south, chicago, and yet never complains.

home of laverne & shirley, miller beer, and harley-davidson, as all american as the green bay packers.

if i wasnt such a wuss, id ride a harley.

theres nothing cooler.

unless your name is evel and you jump them over motorhomes.

the best place to see harleys in los angeles, especially on a sunny day on the weekend is neptunes net in malibu.

tell em jeanine sent you.

did you know that my exgirlfriend chris is liscensed to drive a motorcycle?

mmmm my true love.

the other day she said are you sure youre not sad that i have a boyfriend and i said no.

you’ll come crawling to me one day.

we might be two hundred and twenty one years old but you’ll be back.

and i’ll take that saggy old ladies ass back

hemoriods, diaper rash, warts and all.

oh yes.

she explained to me that i was gross.

which i am.

and i warned her that she better keep her rascal charged up cuz if she didnt id knock her over in her rocker.

amy tells a naughty story + ms. iverson has a new layout + i still cant believe annika linked my ass

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