thing is, theres very little that doesnt inspire me.

one of my dreams is to find the most boring town in the usa and spend a week there in a motel and blog to you.

i bet i could figure out something fun to do there.

cubbies are killing me. slowly. like having everything that you want just out of reach and theres nothing you can do but watch. and all you can see is it not happening.


i wish i had cancer so i could get in that make a wish foundation cuz my wish would be to be the gm of the chicago cubs and get them a damn closer.

do i have to get nut cancer? does a man have to give his right nut to get the cubs a closer?

i’ll do it. is that all it takes?

tom green only has one nut and he gets to be on tv every night so how important are nuts after all?

here it is the last days of august, and the cubs are only a game and a half out, and im slowly becoming respected at work, and the ladies are paying attention to me, and the nbc is using a clash song on one of their promos, and youd think id be so satisfied right now

but the total reverse is true.

as much as i love hollywood and the summertime, i dont want to be here watching the people vs larry flynt with my shirt off and the window open. i feel like that kid in clerks who kept saying, i shouldnt even BE here right now. but the positive thinkers club warns against such direct conflict to What Is.

all i know is sweet bachelor pad in hollywood keeps looking at me and saying, whats your rush dummyhead?

and the directv man just called and said, nfl football starts next week

and i feel slightly uncomfortable bob dylan is doing the music to a victoria secrets ad.

alecia + kimbalina + popie

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