after i shaved off my hair last year i swore id never do it again.

now im reconsidering.

theres a super hot chick who says she will get it on with me if i shave off my trademark fro.

i know it’s very samson and delilah but you should see this girl.

thing is i would do it if two or three girls would get it on with me, but one? hardly seems worth it.

last year it took a good 7 months for my fro to grow back. and at 110 years old ive gotten my fair share of tang. some would say more than my fair share. hell, id say more than my fair share.

still, you should see this girl.

today she called me and said, why dont you see if you readers would throw in $500 if you shaved it off and i told her never to disrespect the generosity of my readers again!

although it would be fun to see if people would chip in to see me clean shaven.

what would be the proper payment to completely shave a mans hair from his head?

sex once?


sex twice?

lots of money?

a new tv?

one of those plasma jobbers?

i pretty much have all the worldly posessions a man could want.

i dont know.

i really dont know.

but i do know that the makers of gawker are looking for a travel writer and i also know that splinky is inbetween jobs.

i also know that im seriously considering selling ads for the best new radio station in LA, 103.1 which now streams

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