two lesbians stumble into a bowling alley

first one says i want to make a blog called are you fucking kidding me

shorter one was mexican, hair dyed yellow. not really a mohawk but definitely a ridge across the top a little higher than the rest. piercings on the lip. dickies cut off at the knee. two shirts, leather wrist strap. wallet on a chain. work shoes.

taller one wore lipstick. had a nice rack. giggled and then laughed. a lot. smiled at me when i smiled at her.

they sat down to put their bowling shoes on. the shorter one pulled out a can of bud light out of her jacket pocket after looking around first and then cracked it open

giggly put a straw in it.

i was drinking mgd out of a bottle.

within minutes the dude showed up while they were bowling together and pointed at the abandoned beer can avec bendy straw and said is this yours?

i held up my bottle and took a gulp and the teengirls returned from their gutterball and he questioned them as i went for the fries.

we were in hollywood. holly star lanes on santa monica boulevard. not the best part of town. but it was just then.

the dude left.

the can remained.

the one girl punched the other in the leg right before she was about to throw her ball. the ball rolled into the gutter and the other punched the other in the arm. hard.

they were like teenboys, really, except way cuter.

the shorter one asked me if the dude hassled me i said nah.

it made me wonder if she told the guy that the beer was mine.

i wanted to buy them drinks but i wondered if they were underage then i really wanted to buy them drinks and then the other pulled a second can of miller lite out of her jacket pocket.

they put the straw in the new can and wrestled in their seats. one holding ones head and fake-biting a huge chunk out of her thick head.

before i knew it their game was over, half their can of beer had spilled over as the only loser of the punching fight wrestling match. they took off their shoes and walked over to the snack bar.

and then me and john woo and travis k smiley could finally concentrate on our form.

in peace.


until three lesbians walked into a bowling alley.

they were black and this was true.

i couldnt be happy without splinky

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