hi tony,

i linked your ass a long time ago, but that’s not why i’m emailing. i just wanted to say thanks for the link the other day, and to apologize for something i said on your comments a long time ago.

i believe i said i wouldn’t donate any money to your flowage for some ass reason, but you being the cool guy that you are didn’t rip me, you just offered up your opinion, or something along those lines.

i’ve recently had a perspective changing experience in my life, along with a little growing up, and i believe differently now.

over the course of my blog perusing the last few months, i’ve seen complete strangers offer up all sorts of different gifts, from hand-made hats, to cookies, to cd’s, to books, and probably a ton of other stuff i missed.

at last glance, it looks like you were up to 78 out of your goal of 1600. the old me might have tried to call bullshit, and ask if you’re really saving this money for a car. the new me says who cares if you are or not, it’s up to the individual if they want to believe it is or not. and while i can’t personally account for the remaining amount all at once, i will be contributing to the cause.

if you could just reply (i know you’re busy, and if i don’t get a response, it won’t bother me) and let me know how much paypal takes out for the donation so i can make it an even amount, that would be great.

and of course, love the site.

hope you get the time to read this.



Dear Vlad,

thanks for the kind words.

OF COURSE i will be using the flowage to the car fund for a car. sheesh.

i know that “nothing in here is true” but thats true. i would be kicked off the internet as the biggest bullshitter of all if i did anything inappropriate with those funds.

the car fund experiment is one of my favorite little things about the busblog.

for those of you who dont know, i am trying to see how long it takes to get $20k for a new car off my blog.

its an art project science fair experiment of sorts.

if you look on the left hand side of my blog you will see the names of the people who have already flowed the blog. and if someone flows that day i will include their number with a link to their blog somewhere in a post.

79. sara

80. august mueller

if it takes 20 years to get the ride then we will know that it takes 20 years. hopefully it will take less.

i dont talk about the flow that often cuz i dont want to bore you with it and i dont want this thing to be an ongoing pledge drive, but i do like the experiment cuz its a super long term thing and people hardly ever do super long term things in blogs.

as for PayPal, thanks for concerning yourself with it, but generally you shouldnt. its cool. however, just so you know Paypal takes about eighty cents out of each $20 flow.



james + bunnie mac + planet sara

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