im having an amazingly long string of bad luck right now

fyi. youre gonna have your good days and bad days and good weeks and bad weeks. my last really bad week was in october when the cubs fell apart right as i was starting to believe. that led to some unfortunate situations at my place of employment. currently im getting dumped by hot chicks, losing my shirt at games of chance, and today i even lost my wallet.

whats most embarrassing about it was i was about to get some clothes at the hot topic.

cuz im so punk.

i had my eye on this baby blue simpsons pin pal bowling shirt with the name homer stitched in cursive over the pocket. and some pants. fifty five bucks out the door.

dug around my backpack. pimp was in there. a few really good r&b cds from the 40s were in there.

some chicks lip balm from nordstrom was in there somehow.

baseball cards, power bars, old bus passes, my blogger hoodie, my dumb cell phone,

but no wallet.

so i called my man john woo and asked him if he could look around chopper one for me, he did


the girl put my shit on hold for a day.

i can see the stitched on picture of apu and the gang all stuffed in that black plastic bag waiting to be on my back tomorrow as we go to the valley to bowl, we being the xbi travelling bowling team.

lucky for me that i took a hundred bucks out of the atm this afternoon and stuffed it in my wallet right before i misplaced it into the universe.

nothin better than finding a wallet fat with greenbacks

and a condom that doesnt expire for a long time

and a barely used library card

and a buspass with four days left on it.

but the weirdest thing about all of this

is i couldnt give a shit for some reason.

it’s nice.

it’s even sorta funny.

jarrett + jason + moveon

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