dear best western,

i hear you will be offering free high speed internet wirelessly in all of your rooms starting this summer.

actually i read it on my pal matt welch’s blog.

lots of people learn things from blogs.

thats why i would like to work for you and write a blog for you.

i would like to travel to all of your locations and write a little something about the facility and the town.

sorta like charles kuralt’s on the road

but better.

minus the mistress.

for example if i worked for you, right now i would drive over to houston for the super bowl and blog, i mean write on your blog, about houston and the best westerns in the houston area.

i would take pictures.

i have a good camera.

i believe the blog that i could create with you could be one that would appeal to your 18-34 demographic, which i would imagine, would be your target market.

i have excellent references.

im a courteous guest who rarely steals towels

and i promise i wont fill my cooler with ice from the ice machine.

please hire me to write your blog.

your pal,

tony pierce

chokey chicken’s favorite blogger + bad marriage + franny + k

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