a lot of young people read this blog.

i dont know why. who cares why. anyway, they do.

dear kids of america, and canaduh. learn how to play the damn guitar.

mars may need women but this planet needs rock.

i dont know what happened 10-15 years ago but i flip on my mtv2 and i see Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and i know why you kids are so damn uptight. hell, id be uptight if thats all Viacom was showing me back when i was comin up.

while youre learning to play guitar learn how to rock it. rock that fucking thing kids. are you listening to me? dont strum it like dave matthews. dont flick at it like john mayer, dont rest your arm on it like the strokes do.

rock that shit bitch.

then learn how to table dance, then learn how to take heroin, then learn how to appear in court (pictured).

and if you think im bullshitting youre nuts.

i need my rock stars to come back to me.

i need my fucked up twisted angry passionate poets and priestesses to hitch up their vintage skirts and return to the stage cuz this bullshit im seeing and listening to on the radio and mtv is bullshit.

courtney love, regardless of what you think of her, is 10 times the rock star of any of the pimply faced fuckups that i see on tv and thats not even debatable.

we live in dark, dull times, adolescents

learn how to play the rock music

listen to johnny cash

give mouth to mouth to the ghosts of punk rock past.

fuck snow + jeff mcmanus + everything is wrong

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