it appears the only thing less appealing to americans

than a democratic presidential nominee who knows how to pump up a house full of downtrodden campaign volunteers is to be a gay professional athlete.

which is why cleveland indian relief pitcher Kazuhito Tadano (pictured, far left) is trying to distance himself from his appearance in a xxx homosexual porno tape.

“All of us have made mistakes in our lives,” Tadano told a group of cleveland reporters regarding an adult tape he made in college. “Hopefully, you learn from them and move on.”

the 23 yr old swears that although he performed a homosexual act in the film, he is not gay.

regarless, the japanese pro leagues dont want him; and seeing that no MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL players are openly gay it looks as if this flamethrower, tadano might be screwedano.

the AP reports that none of the cleveland minor league teams that kasuhito played with cared that he had done his little film. openly. i find that refreshing.

if we’re openminded enough to have a dipshit as president why cant the tribe have a closer who loves liza?

thats my only question.

even though i grew up in the sexually conservative (if not repressed) midwest, after last years playoff debacle by the Cubs i would bet that if this apologetic japanese pitcher could do for the cubs in the pros what he did for the indians in the minors last year (6-2 with a 1.55 ERA and three saves with three teams on three levels of the minors and in akron he didn’t allow a run in his first 28 innings and struck out 78 in 72 2-3 innings) the bleacher bums would wave pink hankercheifs to root his uh, ass, on.

as they should.

homophobia in sports in 2004 is pretty gay.

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