so britney spears wants to get married

as a joke, and then go an have it annulled.

well i think the joke should be on her.

if i was the pope or some other non-biblically elected church official i would suggest to the other church heads that nobody give mrs. alexander any damn annullment.

the institution of marriage in america today has a 50% divorce rate. what brit did the other night rubs its face into the fact that the Ultimate commitment isnt worth the keno card that its written on.

id make an example of her and her sham wedding.

and if i was the state of nevada i’d follow suit.

how can you get married in one day and divorced a few days later and not make the entire “institution” a joke?

she signed the paperwork, she paid the $55, she kissed the groom, she laughed and she laughed and then she danced with one of the malloof brothers in the real world suite.

and now she should have to wait till death till she parts.

either that or she should give her husband half of her income as a penalty.

but i say she should have to stay married. forever.

let no man tear apart what God has brought together.

and all that.


saying “i do” should not be part of a marketing campaigned designed to sell more records than outkast.

and anyway, i dont see a nevada statute that says you can get your marriage annuled because it was a joke.

closest i see is one that will annul your ass if youre crazy. which perhaps she is.

instapundit still hasnt covered this breaking media event + nor has the creator of entertainment weekly + fark was funny about it

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