well there he is: mr. britney spears.

instapundit doesnt care. jarvis doesnt care. steve hall had to seriously consider whether he cared and finally had to give in out of fear of being slammed by this very blog.

but certainly jason allen alexander (pictured) of kentwood louisiana cared that he married britney spears this weekend.

and you know what j-dog, i care.

for years now i have been barraged with images and “music” and gossip and “news” about whether or not she got a boob job, or whether she was still a virgin, or what was up with her and justin, or if she was a smoker(!)

christina aguilera came out with a dirtier and more beautiful record in 2003 than britney did.

she had five geniune hits: dirrty, can’t hold us down, fighter, impossible, and beautiful.

and yet madonna kisses britney and that image becomes one of the most identifiable moments in 2003. not when madonna kissed xtina seconds later.

but strangely, when britney decides on a whim to get hitched in vegas, its not news.

jarvis and reynolds arent the only one sharing adrants’s yawns, britneys nuptials arent even on any three of yahoos top 20 most emailed, most viewed or highest rated stories of the weekend.

i thought you people loved britney spears

and weddings

and elopments in vegas

and the palms in vegas

and the maloof brothers.

has britney jumped the shark?

well jason, i care that you married britney spears this weekend, at 5 in the morning, in the same little chapel that denis rodman married carmen electra while drunk and being held up my a midget.

i care that you had a wild vegas weekend with britney spears and of right now youre still married to her and youre back home and youve got some stories to tell.

too bad Lick only takes stories from women.


dogboy + vanmega + doc doesnt care. hes seen it all.

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