i had a nice valentines day.

i hope you did too. very cute young woman picked my ass up and we went to the beverly center for chinese early around 4:20p. traffic was a bitch in la because of the nba allstar festivities which are still going on.

we couldnt even get into the parking lot and she said she knew of somewhere if i liked italian.

i told her that i grew up in the shadow of the italian-american hall of fame. i told her that my first kiss was angela romano. that my long lost lust is tracey degrazia. that my best friend was bob milleta. that my, she was all just say yes or no.

i said yes and we ended up on highland right next to melrose. very close to the mansion that jeanine rents. and she was right it was good and it wasnt crowded and the waiter was awesome and everything was all “no pressure”.

he started us off with some brichotto. then two complimentary glasses of red. he called it “a little taste of tuscanny.” she had pasta i had lasagne. we toasted valentines day. the wine made us warm. she got a little color on her pale cheeks. i wanted to play footsies but shes short and sat indian style in the booth and she quizzed me on facts about her if we ever ended up in the newlywed game.

what size am i?


no 2-4-6-8-10 like that.

oh, 4?

6 silly.


whats my bra size?

36 D?


just lucky.

you are lucky.

later i tooker to my place. which was a mess. i wasnt expecting a date. i thought id just write to you and watch tv. she said she didnt care. i got a fire going thanks to a half of a duralog and some wood that i hadnt used all winter.

she tossed me the keys to her t-top. she said she wanted me to pick up some red as she went through the grammys on my tivo. apparently she missed it.

drove over to Jons cuz theyre not on strike. got some merlot and some pink champagne. also a tin of brie and a loaf of french bread. also whipped cream. also milk eggs bacon incase she was spending the night. it was only 8:30p the joys of the early dinner. got back and she had slipped into something totally ridiculous.

white everything. up top, down the legs, snaps, buckles. lil bow in her hair. candles had been lit. porn had been chosen. like christmas except there werent any cards to read. i was lucky, am lucky. i know it. so i represented. right there on the couch.

hard wood floors echo but it was valentines day, no better sound than what was happening. long time ago i learned about the little breaks when youre changing positions. its ok to drink a sip to keep the buzz going. but make it quick. not for you but for her. dont switch positions until youve finished something. we went through a few. i once knew a girl who hated the bedroom. i remembered her as we kept it in the front room. something was on tv. i didnt pay attention. something was on me. it was her she was saying how she loved being a little slut for me. i said is that being a slut. she said yeah. i said you can do better than that baby.

she did.

when we were done we watched the 3 point contest and the slam dunk contest (pictured) and she ate the bread and i ate the cheese since shes lactoce intolerant something i never knew. then we slept restlessly because some people arent meant to sleep in the bed. theyre meant to play there.

nobody sleeps on a basketball court, for example.

and in the morning we ate capn crunch.

there will be a new update to lick tomorrow night.

christina + lisa + nay

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