people have lots of questions for me.

i think it’s nice.

q. do you have any pictures of chopper one?

a. yes. but theyre all top secret.

q. how old are you?

a. 110

q. are you really black?

a. yep.

q. when will the Cubs win the world series?

a. the what?

q. do you really have sex with all those women?

a. sometime we just play scrabble next to the fire and sip merlot.

q. if nothing in here is true, why did you write about your paternity suit thingie?

a. cuz welch wrote a great article, cuz huge people like the Instapundit mentioned it, cuz teenage girls are buying Reason just to get the full page color picture of me wearing my blogger hoodie to put in their lockers at school, and cuz i want people to learn from my mistake and get a lawyer if anything like this ever comes knocking at their door.

q. whats karisa like?

a. shes like what would happen if you could bottle Fun. and wrap that bottle with tight clothes.

q. you already have a popular blog, so why make Lick? nobody is going to go there.

a. au contraire. on both counts. Lick will get way more hits than the busblog in 3-4 months. i made Lick though to give people an outlet to write things that they wouldnt write on their own blogs.

q. how long did it take you to design Lick?

a. it took me one second to press the Send button to beg Ms. Raspil Iverson of to design it. which she has done beautifully.

q. how old are you?

a. 17.

q. when does Tsar play again, i HAVE to see them now that ive heard their cd.

a. ah yes, glad you asked they play at the Derby in Los Feliz on Tuesday 2/10 at 10pm. tell the man you read the busblog and you will get in for freeeeeeeeeeee.

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