the daisy princess had a good day on tuesday.

showing a little cleavage  first she got to talk to me on the phone. then she got her poster signed by her hero. then she got to see her hero get her much deserved star on the hollywood walk of fame.

then she got to talk to me on the phone again.

then she got to go to the hollywood premiere of the new drew + adam sandler movie and see all the stars.

then drew’s assistant recognized her and offered her two tickets to the premiere, but because she had her bf and her best friend with her she needed three tickets so the assistant hooked her ass up with three tickets at the theatre next door and she got to see the movie and omg omg omg she had a great night

so she called me and left me a message and apologized for being a pain in the ass and i said it was cool and then she put her best friend on the phone and i offered to guess her weight in my own special way and her best friend didnt say no.

best friends never do.

anyway, im glad ashley had a great day. im glad she got to see her idol and the new flick and if somehow she reads this im glad that she got her picture back here on the busblog.

her luck just doesnt end.

hopefully the rumors of her favorite band’s breakup arent true.

grapevine + makeout city + buzz machine + circle square

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