splinky doesnt wanna write there any more

because of the judgers that are boundto bum her day.

it is impossible to write about what i do or where i go because it’s too much. always, someone out there will have less so why can’t i have some?

shaq isnt ashamed to be the biggest motherfucker in the playground. he won the mvp trophy tonight at the allstar game because he dominated all of the best.

people talk shit about him constantly. his rookie card that used to go for $300 now goes for $42 even though he has rings and mvp awards. fuck the haters.

meanwhile nobody i know likes ryan seacrest and hes all over tv and radio. the people of california elected a governor to see him on tv not ryan seacrest. but ryan seacrest doesnt care that everyone hates him and wish ill upon him and what he represents and those who employ him.

you can have yours baby.

the haters are gonna hate anyway.

give em something good to hate.

and why is it ok for every other joker in the world to make incredibly dull whiny bullshit on the web and you cant do your thing?

theres no need to be arrogant but theres nothing wrong with telling the truth.

havent you learned anything from hip hop.

fucker sells a million records and he will get a platnium hummer a ferarri and a bently

and then they rap about it.

remember on nwas straight out of compton when ice cube bragged

me and lorenzo, cruisin in a benz-o

i want nwa driving mercedeses

i need eazy-e in that shit.

if paris hilton had a tv talk show would you watch it. yes. i would too. im interested in how the other half live.

by other half i mean those on the wessssssside.

why not.

number one tv show right now is about rich orange county pretties.

apparently rich is in, so go for it.

or write on lick

and/or write on lick.

personally i think writing as opposed to speaking is sheild enough, and anonymous blogging is an even better sheild, so use it. i wish i could be an anonymous blogger.

or write about the annoyances of first class.

i asked this girl to come over tonight.

if she doesnt its no biggie.

that to me is worthy of hating.

dc pierson

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