funniest thing about being on tv

isnt your reaction to it all, its everyone elses.

my reaction to it all was pretty simple. it was all


everyone elses reaction was more like



shit pierce you didnt fuck up, congrats


omg tony you didnt say fuck.


dude, we had everyone in the office gathered around the tv and we laughed at every joke.

and all of that is super nice. very cool. and the comments and emails and telephone calls that i got were all very generous and flattering.

but then there are the fools who just cant stand to see a guy have his six minutes of fame.

and i dont understand those people.

its exactly like a barrell of monkeys where one monkey is climbing out of the barrell and one really slow monkey has to try to bring him back down.

never once thinking that if the one guy makes it out that the others will see how its done and follow.

and ive never understood how anyone could be jealous of a guy who rides a bus

types on the internet

and gets paid shit.

but it happens america, and if it ever happens to you you can say, shit, tony told me that this might happen. and maybe you wont take it personally. and you shouldnt. cuz it has nothing to do with you.


and last night a girl looking a lot like anna kournikova came over to my house. this time i got to pick her up because miss montreal loaned me her car.

and she and i watched my six minutes of fame on my big tv.

it was the first time that i had watched it all the way through because even though i start all these posts with i or me its only because im a lazy writer. im not narcisistic. and i felt like i looked different than i thought i looked. i felt that i spoke better than i thought i was gonna speak. i and thought that i really missed my afro.

but the young lady held on to my arm and clapped at the end and said i cant believe that im at tony pierces house.

and eleven minutes later we were asleep.

and two minutes after that the phone rang and it was my mother who called to tell me that my sister had delivered upon the world an infant son earlier that day.

and my mom told me a little story about how my little two year old neice had been learning about birthdays.

she said, september is granmas birthday october is uncle tonys birthday november is mommys birthday january is david’s birthday (she calls her father by his first name – very bart simpson-y) and the new baby’s birthday and february is my birthday.

and my mom said that she was trying to introduce to her the fact that december is the baby Jesus’s birthday.

and my sweet little neice said, no no, no more birthdays before mine, and ran off.

and thats what its about.

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