highlights from february ’04

on the busblog

2/1 during halftime of the superbowl something awesome got revealed

2/2 is there anything gayer than making a cure mix cd?

2/3 fuck the tribune corp.

2/3 this is me. i hate life. i hate everything. hi.

2/4 black history month: black sabbath

2/4 last shred of shyness

2/5 did you know im a father? yep.

2/5 ashley has a good day

2/5 raymi interviews bunny mcintosh

2/6 todays ronald reagans birthday. fuck ronald reagan and his damn birthday.

2/7 i cut all my hair off

2/9 best part about living in hollywood is you could walk into a bar at 5:30am and run into just about anyone. karisa, paris, courtney, madonna, flea. it dont matter.

2/9 ive said it before, i’ll say it again. fuck the grammys.

2/10 a heavy butterscotch moon hung over the ghetto of east hollywood tonight as i drove to the jack in the box to get miss montreal her number four plain.

2/11 tsar live at the derby… and mc browns pics

2/12 the night i remembered miss montreal’s phone number

2/12 a review of courtney love’s americas sweetheart as i listen to it for the first time, in real time.

2/13 friday the thirteenth

2/14 valentines day

2/15 recap of my valentines night

2/16 dear tribune corp.,

now they have alex rodriguez.

you wouldnt even go after ivan rodriguez yet they now have alex rodriguez.

how is our one sammy sosa gonna beat all of their sammy sosas?

2/16 theres nothing i want more

2/18 the cubs sign greg maddux

2/18 dear prospective empoyers,

2/19 two ways to have girls fall in love with you

2/20 pretty is in the garter of the beholder

2/21 the best part about the xbi hq is the chapel

2/22 his father was a nazi police cheif so

2/23 hi my name is judge charles pickering and i also love racists

2/24 hey george bush, quit being gay

2/25 i look younger than 110

2/25 i know im being tested

2/26 howard stern gets dropped by clear channel

2/26 george, you ignorant slut

2/27 a great illustration of the howard stern situation

2/27 and while we’re at it, fuck the academy awards

2/28 the sony sportscar

2/28 today is bunny mcintosh’s birthday. shes 67.

gorilla mask + verbungle + killer boots + 17 seconds

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