holy crap has today been a great day.

opened up the gmail and saw that the company that im interviewing with is 90% sure that they can hire me sometime next year. responsibilities? oh writing once a day for them on their site, finding good young writers for their publication, and taking pictures of people on hollywood blvd.

dont you wish some of this blog was true?

then i got another email from one of my favorite tv shows that said that they wanted to interview me during a 7 minute segment. about what? oh, about my book. two weeks before christmas!

then i was just clicking around the blogosphere and i read something very interesting. a way i could make some money via this blog without having to have ads. and a prominent high-tech innovator was heading it all up. so i read the deal and i wrote to the correct email address to see if they were still looking for people to participate and a half hour later this is what i got back:


I would fall down on the fucking floor, lick it clean for awhile, seduce ANY number of your harem and play baseball with Shaq for the honor of paying you to work with us.

P.S. Been a big fan – for years. You rock dude.


when i am allowed to mention the names involved i think you will be pretty amazed too.

i present these things to you not to tease, but as an experiment.

as you know everything on this blog is a science experiment and this one is to find out if you can jinx things.

so lets keep score

1. big job with extremely cool company

2. tv show appearance in a few weeks

3. side project involving this blog

i say all three will come through despite writing about them before they hit fruition.

40 sold in 6 days + zulieka is still pregnant + jaime is very kind + welch picks my boy for the hall

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