if there was one place that i will live

outside of the usa one day, it will be amsterdam.

ive visited three times and have only had great times there.

so when our dutchgirl, justagirl, asked today what movies she should rent since she finds herself in the wonderful dilema of having to see fine films, i made a quickie little list of flicks that she might not have seen.

although she probably has.

the trick is to not just pick great movies, but ones that people probably havent seen before, and ones that might be at a video store in holland.

sadly some of these probably wont be there, but you never know.

1. Buffalo ’66

2. Gummo

3. Brazil

4. My Life As A Dog

5. His Girl Friday

6. My Man Godfrey (’57)

7. The General (’27)

8. Joe Versus The Volcano

9. Don’t Look Back (’67)

10. Starstruck (’82)

11. Welcome to the Dollhouse

12. Party Girl

13. Rushmore

14. Lost In Translation

15. 400 Blows

16. The King of Comedy

17. Being John Malkovich

18. Diner

19. Do The Right Thing

20. American History X

21. Time Bandits

22. A Clockwork Orange

23. Raising Arizona

24. This Is Spinal Tap

25. Animals Are Beautiful People

evil urls rule! + raymi + doc searls

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