raymi is in my top three of all bloggers.

it moves around all the time. she might be number one. its hard to say.

today i went to her page, something i do probably 10 times a day and there was my dumb picture with ms brooke burke! and there was raymi writing about me and saying nice things.

Christmas has arrived early!

she says that everyone sucks my dick and she says that in todays post she is sucking it, but its funny i dont consider complimenting someone sucking them off, but what do i know.

then she called me gay which is funny.

oh raymi. oh queen of canada. oh topless girl from another world. im glad you got your book and you like it. im glad that you liked seeing your name on the pages where your name is.

im glad youre blogging like a madwoman right now. im glad that you keep taking pics of yourself in your karoke bars and on the throne and naked in the mirror.

people try to imitate you raymi but they fail. plus they dont have your guts. plus they dont have your confidence.

and they sure as shit dont get topless.

which is ashame.

i was hoping youd start a little trend.

maybe it would spread across the great white north and then head south, but it sure hasnt worked out that way.

oh raymi.

i want to tell you to move to hollyweird but you might be better off being a big fish in a small pond. which isnt to say that you wouldnt kick the shit out of everyone here in LA but im not so sure they would appreciate you.

no one is really appreciated here.

LA is where you get discovered, but you wont get any love here. the love you will get will be from away from here.

Weezer came her to make it big and i was here and i didnt even hear about them until after they made it.

think about that. those motherfuckers had that blue album and nobody cared until iowa cared and mtv. thats so not right.

raymi sleep tight.

p.s bring back your comments

bicycle mark + your little personality + jess

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