set your tivos good people

to the Screen Savers on G4TV (formerly TechTV) for this Monday, December 13 cuz yours truly will be on it talking about my new book How To Blog

which by the way is selling like hotcakes all of a sudden.

to which i must thank all of you who are talking about it on your blogs.

The Screen Savers is one of my favorite shows and im stoked that they have moved down here from frisco.

im sorta glad that Leo LaPorte isnt on it any more because that dude is like one of my all-time idols and if he was interviewing me i would probably come off no better than stutterring john.

which isnt to say that i wont make a fool of myself

but be prepared for a very special screensavers cuz either i will totally rock or i will totally fall on my face.

im quite nervous. ive been on tv before. ive spoken in front of people a lot before. but it usually was representing something else like WebTV or Microsoft or Philips Electronics or something that had nothing to do with me so it was easy to distance what i was talking about from me.

this is truly different because these are my deepest darkest personal lies that i edited, whose cover i designed, whose hype im responisble for.

the biggest fear i have is i will come across as boring.

i know there are kids out there who think that blogging is the dumbest nerdiest lamest thing, and in many cases i agree with them.

and those are the kids i will try, foolishly, to win over.

and in a small way thats why i created the list which turned into the book.

and then there are the people out there who truly want to learn about what blogging is and how it’s done. i hope i dont ignore those people, cuz theyre really who i should be talking to.

and finally there’s the hot chicks who i’ll be trying to make fall in lust with me.

not sure how i will accomplish that by being on G4TV, but expect the unexpected is what i was taught as a child.

either way it will be a reason to wake up monday morning.

i will take lots of pictures so you guys can see what goes on behind the scenes, etc., and if anyone out there knows how to turn such a show into something that you can download and watch on your computers, that would be amazing.

in other news, tonight is the xbi christmas party.

and karisa is my date!

blondes bloggers have more fun.

sk smith + doc searls + wil wheaton

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