tis the season to celebrate the hypocrisy

of Jesusland during the birth of their so-called savior.

so-called because their savior seems to have something to do with red suits and trees and concepts like holidays.

last month we were pummelled with the idea that the morals of this country were being regained, that the Christian right had returned to take whats theres and lead this nation out of the hands of hedonistic hollywood and back where it belonged – the bosom of traditional family values.

everyone was all, dudes cant get married, we must preserve the sanctity of marriage, and my question to all of them who cockblocked loving americans who simply wanted the same rights as others is

where is the movement trying to defend the sanctity of Christmas?

i’ll tell you where it is, it’s nowhere, because the red-state Jesusland maybemajority is nothing but political hoo-ha created to keep minorities and gays down and republicans in office.

it has never been about Christianity or morals or the bible or spirituality.

there is as much hope of getting Christ back into Christmas as getting Jesus back into Jesusland: zip.

why? because republicans couldnt give a flying fuck about the bible or Christ or church or heaven or loving their neighbors, let alone loving their enemies.

therefore ho ho ho jethro merry christmas i mean happy holidays, what did you give me, this is what i gave you.

Jesusland allegedly re-elected their Christian brother even though there isn’t anything Christlike about this administration other than we thought it died after the last iraq invasion but alas it rose from the dead and now it feels like it will live forever.

where is the Jesusland outrage at the destruction of our messiah’s birthday? where are the complaints that the only tv special that i see coming up is National Geographic’s two hour deal based upon the unbiblical fantasy best seller The DiVinci Code that speculates that Jesus was married, had sex, and made babies.

seems to me if theyre pissed off about gays getting hitched, theyd certainly be a little hot under the collar about some yahoo saying that Jesus got hitched

but no, they sit there and they read the novel from cover to cover and they watch the tv show and wait for the movie.

happy festivus!

more egg nog?

fuck jesusland. fuck so called Christians who pretend to love God in the polling booth but let his name get X’ed out during the holidays and gangbanged by santa claus.

watch as they hide behind their children as they kick howard stern off the air and blur out tv shows and yet THEY are the ones who buy billions of dollars in toys and cards and decorations and trees and mistletoe and so-and-so that have nothing to do at all with the fact that two thousand years ago a Jewish couple slept in shit on a cold winter’s night and gave birth to God.

and when we say that the red states are ignorant godless sheep, tools of karl rove, hateful of their homosexual brothers and sisters, fearful of their suburbs being anything other than lillywhite havens for consumerism and palbum

xmas ’04 is xactly what we’re talking about.

if you want people to believe you when you say that youre proud of this being a Christian country then i dare you to take down your fucking tree youre fucking graven images of kringle and put the little baby jesus on your lawns where he belongs.

cuz right now he sure as shit aint in yr hearts.

Macy’s kills Christmas + FL church ad gets heat for saying Christmas + red/blue Christmas

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