walking to work this morning

i kept thinking the same thing that i always think when im walking to work

why are you doing this

what is wrong with you

dont you know you have a college edjumacation

dont you know that you could be rich and famous in so many fields

dont you know that even the baby Jesus is disappointed in you

dont you know that if youre going to be poor and worthless you may as well be a preacher in the south seas

dont you know that people marched and faught and got shot at so that you could have the opportunites that you have now, and youre doing nothing with it

dont you know that writing blooks during your 15 minute breaks doesnt make up for the fact that youre a loser making half what you made a few years ago

dont you know that women want to make love to rich men

dont you know that for america to win we all need to be driving automobiles

dont you know that if youre going to suffer for your art you have to at least make some fucking art

and then i walked past a homeless man laying on a cardboard box and i had a ten dollar bill in my hand for a dozen donuts that i was about to get my coworkers and i nearly turned around to give it to him when i saw what appeared to be two huge logs of feces.

disgusted i marched on and thought

my poops dont look that big and wide and dark brown and healthy

what on earth is that man eating?

is he on to some new garbagecan diet that would certainly sweep the world if it only knew.

and then i got to work and someone had written me an email asking if i thought that my pictures on here might give the people the idea that i was, uh, a womanizer.

the answer is no.

else the louvre and sports illustrated are also womanizers.

and manizers.

clearly im a poopist.

karen (parrot is pictured) + john a + ranting human + <3 katrín <3

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