well here we are a few days before Christmas

and the busblog book How To Blog has been on sale for less than a month.

the results?

120 books sold thus far.

so yes, now i am a millionaire.

thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

whats intersting about doing it this year through cafepress is that they tell me the name and country or state of the purchasers and its awesome to see that people from the carribean are buying this bad boy and people from europe and asia and even florida and texas are picking up my masterpiece.

it’s also nice to see so many unfamiliar names. im not sure if that means that people are using stolen credit cards but, whatever works, right?

having a book gives you an excuse to get on tv shows and radio shows and sadly its been busy at the xbi so i havent been able to persue those avenues as much as i probably could have, but being rich and famous has never been the goal of anything surrounding the busblog. the goal has been to put out good shit and impress the ladies. period.

it’s always good to remember why youre doing things.

and strangely this book might help me get into grad school, which im applying for as we speak.

life is so different for the college applicant. today i ordered my transcripts from my various colleges and i was able to do it all online. how awesome! if only i could do everything online.

maybe in the year 2000.

so anyway, for everyone who bought my book online. thank you. for everyone who sent me money and had me send them books, thank you.

and for all the fly girlies who knock on my doors and windows whose intentions are not always good, thank you so much.

and for all of you who plan on buying the book after the holidays, thank you in advance.

all of this has been a successful venture into self publishing that i mostly enjoyed doing, and now will probably do again.

there are some bugs that need to be ironed out, but theyre tiny bugs. teeny bugs. bugs so small i cant even believe how small they are, but they need to be worked out.

and next time, i promise to write an even better book.

you can always be better.

well, maybe you cant be better, but i can.

ask anyone.

the state im in (pictured) + kitty bukkake + flagrant

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