who doesnt love the readers?

sixty nine comments, all very nice and one that sorta hit me sourly and it figures that thats the one that stays with me.

one day we’ll get over this idea that if a man loves women then he should be accused as a man who hates women. thats what a misoginist is, a man who hates women.

maybe this is what they say about the decline of the american educational system. people who criticize the government are accused for hating america, snipers who are trying to take out a gasoline attendent and instead hits the cans of oil are accused of hating cans

and men who love women so much that they create women-only webzines, and preach about love and trust and honest communication are accused of hate.

there are many things i hate but the weaker sex is not one of them.

i hate arrogant ignorance and self proclaimed Christians who havent read the bible and wars over weapons of mass destruction and lies and lies and lies

i hate smart people who act dumb i hate directv saturday morning baseball blackouts, i hate how some people look perfect in every picture they take

i hate onions in fried rice which was asked not to reside there.

i hate bloggers who should be blogging and whiners who should not

i hate people who dont wash their hands after they use the john

i hate buisness suits and stockings stds and coughing i hate that the prettyboys get everything and do nothing and vote republican.

i hate the dh i hate drug tests i hate lustlessness i hate so many things

ticketmaster and costas and morning shows and dumber things

i hate that america has everything

including rule over the world

and we can do something good

and we dont

just like microsoft

just like mtv

just like the pope

just like insta p.

imagine having the power to do anything

and squandering it

with mediocrity

and bullshit

and pussy assness

n fear.

i ignore the things that dont please me

so if i talk about chicks, thats not hate

and if they tap tap at the window pane

i will write it down, cuz its great.

raymi + mist + gorilla mask

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