the breeze said to get on the bus.

the sun said to get on the bus.

the way the mexican blanket in the french window said oui get on the bus senior made it impossible to resist so the ipod was juiced up, the blogger was juiced up, the books were piled into the back pack

and the bus was taken.

yesterday was the 2 Sunset.

i often find myself in the gentrified los feliz area, but i try to keep it real south of sunset with clipper girls cousin who stays in lil armenia. shes hardly ever home and right now she and her cousin are on their annual vacation in hawaii to enjoy the playoffs with their teammates. cheermates. whatever they call themselves.

the 2 picked me up near vermont and it either goes all the way to gladstones on pch right on the pacific, or if its a short line it will take you right up in the center of uclas surreal campus.

being unchained and in whatevs mode for weeks now i didnt even look to see where we were going or care how long itd take. ive had the hardest time editing this unpublished book of stories, so what a better way to concentrate than howard stern in your ear as you bounce down sunset on an 80 degree saturday afternoon.

another man had joined me in my joyride and when we entered beverly hills he asked the busdriver, hey where does this bus go

this is the short line he told him

but i couldnt hear and i didnt care

ucla was the end of the line.

got out and walked through the east coast architecture sitting in one of the best neighborhoods in town.

acres and acres this thing stretches out for. miles even. miles of prime everything. realestate. history. knowhow. fame. fourtune. excellence.

and yet for some reason a graduate from ucla seems as commonplace as a a blonde in a miniskirt with a louis vitton clutch in the sunshine.

nothing wrong with it, per se, but, you know.

found some shade on a steep slope that overlooked a track n field competition. nearby a brass band was practicing. a fellow visitor who appeared to be from persia approached me and asked if i knew where the library was. she was beautiful and young. at ucsb we had eight libraries so i knew something fishy was going on so i said Como?

she left and i read my little book and thought about danielle and flagrant and ice cream and the hypotenuse of love.

got my reading done and walked to the village while wondering how great a shrink flagrant would be if she told everyone the absolute truth like in the diceman, which now i finally have time to finish, and after getting an ice cream, who did i run across eating an icecream sandwich with her two lovely friends, the hawaiian girl of three weeks ago.

looking lovely.

standing up to give me a hug, which is body language my friends. yes it is.

this is a very small town i thought be nice to everyone

im always nice to everyone she said

and again i had been caught thinking out loud.

congratulations bunny! + congratulations dogboy! + alecia

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