the busblog interviews Blogebrity

4:45p – 5p

tsar june 28: can i ask a few questions for the busblog?

Blogebrity: SURE

tsar june 28: 1. did Blogebrity start as a contest entry?

Blogebrity: it started as 2 different ideas–one very loosely formed blog idea, and one half-assed contest entry (actually a nerdy fanblog dedicated to jessica coen of gawker). and then, much like the reeses peanut butter cup guys, we said–why not merge the two concepts into one! and blogebrity was formed

tsar june 28: 2. why nick denton on the cover and not wonkette?
tsar june 28: or i should say, why not Ana

Blogebrity: basically, we just found a better picture of nick….we were having a hard time finding good, larger-sized images of ana that would work for the layout

tsar june 28: 3. Will there be centerfolds each issue?

Blogebrity: ummm….do i have to pay you if i steal that idea?

tsar june 28: steal away
tsar june 28: just give me a free subscription 😛

Blogebrity: then yes, i would imagine so
Blogebrity: for sure
Blogebrity: i think we’ll have to hook up the entire A-list

tsar june 28: 4. So Slashdotted today, Metafiltered the other day, who else has given you attention?

Blogebrity: instapundit the day before the competition officially opened was pretty nuts
Blogebrity: quite a bit of attention from conservablogs

tsar june 28: 5. You list Matt Drudge as a blogger, do you do that ironically since he hates being identified as a blogger?

Blogebrity: pretty much

tsar june 28: 6. Is Jeff Gannon on your list?

Blogebrity: oh man….how do we overlook that guy? we gotta add him pronto
Blogebrity: but to what list?

tsar june 28: Do people even go to his blog?
tsar june 28: I’d say a hopeful c-list

Blogebrity: i think he’d probably have to be C-list

tsar june 28: 7. Did you ever read the site Internet Gossip? Are you interested in taking over what they were in to – cam girls, etc?

Blogebrity: hmmm….don’t know about the cam girls and such; we’re definitely exploring any appropriate extension of the concept

tsar june 28: thats it. thanks for your time. good luck on the new venture
tsar june 28: youre already far far ahead of the game

Blogebrity: thanks

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