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hey Tony,

So whats up with the pics of girls? I mean, they’re great and all, but Miss El Salvador doesn’t look anything like the Salvadorians at the Pupusaria and Miss Denmark isn’t even blonde!!! Are these really genuine? It’s important. We really gotta know.

– Jerry

hi jerry,

yes all of these women are actually representing the countries on their sash. and they all will be seen in the miss universe pageant which i think happens the day after memorial day – or the day after – or something.

but yes theyre all genuine and i guess the fact that they dont all look like the stereotype is a good thing cuz the world is far more diverse than most of us realize.

but i agree with you, miss denmark looks polish.

Better luck next year, Tony.

Because if anyone from Chicago is getting to the series, it ain’t the Cubs. That’s not to say that the Cubs don’t have a lot of talent, maybe even more than the Sox, but the Sox are playing as a team. They aren’t dropping balls they should catch, they are making the key bunts and hits and steals and throwing leather as its supposed to be done.

Why? Tribune Co., of course. There mighty marketing machine fills the stands every week–the TV station assures they will make a profit regardless of how the team is doing. Its why the NFL is right in banning corporations from owning teams.

– RobW

bonjour rob,

my hat’s off to the southside, especially jerry manuel who’ve taken an untalented group and as youve said, convinced them the importance of playing as a team.

it’s helped, of course that Dustin Hermanson has filled in nicely in the role as the closer, and Scotty Podesnick is reminding people about the importance of speed,

but the Sox have no heart. they’ll wither before the school season re-opens.

and their stadium blows.

no the Cubs arent sucking right now because of Trib Corp who have never put butts in the seat at Wrigley. the Cubs are having problems because they got rid of Sammy and Alou and didnt fully replace them.

yes Jeremy Burnitz has been a pleasant suprise, not just with his bat but with his glove (i watch every game), but you cant replace 80 dingers with one Burnitz.

and we havent had a closer all year. Dempster is trying but ask yoda trying isnt going to win you any fucking world series.

the Cubs are struggling because of injuries and a shit bullpen. and possibly because Dusty Baker isnt the genius that he has always been touted as being.

hi tony,

If you watched the Tribune company’s broadcast of the Cubs yesterday,

then you would have heard Brenly’s joke about how using a computer was going to be included in players’ lists of no-nos, which of course include rock climbing, motorcycle riding, etc.

Steroids are of course no problem.

hey Brian,

I did hear brenley joke. i thought it was pretty funny.

i believe he said Spelunking.

may i say it’s a fucking Joy to turn on WGN and not have to hear the nasaly whine of Steve Stone or the hot-hits FM bullshit phoniness from Chip Caray whose grandfather, i have it on good authority, denies him.

i dont think Zam is on the juice, i think he has a problem blogging and/or playing Goldminer too much.

Hey Tony,

I imagine you have tix to all three Cubs/Dodgers games?

The Unsomnambulist

Yes I do.

Good seats too.

Perhaps we should arrange some sort of meet-up if there are other busblog readers who will be in attendence?


my buddy played a few rounds of golf with Dave Stieb, former Blue Jays pitcher in the 80’s. complete pothead now, complete pothead then. if that doesn’t prove 99% of them ain’t potheads (though pitchers prefer speed) nothing does. my spaceship’s gonna have a full-court gym and lots of wiggers and mark cuban.

hola joe,

I remember Dave Steib very well. what a weird name to have stuck in my memory.

but who isnt a pothead these days?

I, too,

think the playoffs are worthless without the Lakers, but I thought only white people used the word ‘wigga.’

– Joe

I’m just writing to my audience bro.

black people dont even mention white people unless theres a camera on us.


thanks for your support!!!

probably not + joe + brian + offline adventures + iron mouth

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